Palpable disquiet in the country


As it had been, Nigerians have begun to feel very uncomfortable day by day by the continued stay in Britain of President Muhammadu Buhari on health grounds.

Any human being is liable to fall sick at any given time but those saddled with the responsibility of managing the state of health of the President by way of giving credible information on his state of health to us are doing great injustice to the health of the President.

Hitherto President Buhari had been intermittently out of the country now for about four months. The last we had of him was that there was no time limit for his arrival. President Buhari’s Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina and Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed had all failed to tell exactly the true position of Nigeria’s President’s health.

All we hear and read daily about the situation is oh, the president is hale and hearty, he is resting. Worried and troubled Nigerians had been on the neck of the Presidency’s aides to come out and tell the citizens, what exactly is President Buhari’s type of illness. At one time just like others, Senate President Bukola Saraki and some lawmakers visited the President in the United Kingdom (UK) only to tell Nigerians on arrival that the President was hale and hearty.

Surely this is no time for unnecessary grandstanding on the part of the presidency shielding the citizens from the true state of health of their president.

Visibly worried Nigerians high and low have cried hoarse on the authorities to tell Nigerians what is the President’s type of ailment. Nigerian Medical Association of Nigeria (NMA) once told the citizens that President Buhari could easily be diagnosed and successfully treated in the country.

Few weeks ago, the President’s wife, Aisha visited her husband and on arrival what she told the nation was that there was no cause of alarm. But patriotic and articulate Nigerians know very well that there is definitely cause for alarm given the palpable disquiet pervading the country at present. For the President to be out of the country for almost six months of the year on health grounds without the people knowing the type of ailment worrying him is to say the least unacceptable by any standard.

We’ve had cases of foreign countries’ presidents hospitalized and their citizens giving updates on daily basis even taking the photograph s of the ailing president just to reassure the citizens that there was no cause for alarm; the reverse is the case for us in Nigeria. Nobody is even talking of the President’s ailment – this is the palpable disquiet of the grave and it is too bad.

Prominent Nigerians including notable clerics are always quick to tell Nigerians to always pray for the President’s full recovery. We ask, have they even stopped praying? What we demand is for the Presidency to come out boldly and tell Nigerians what exactly is the president’s ailment. All they’ve been telling us is more hoax which has no credibility.

President’s spokesman Femi Adesina and Information Minister cannot claim to be more Nigerian than anybody. They won’t lose anything by telling the citizens the true position of their president’s health and not rabble-rousing on this very important national issue.

Nigerians can no longer afford to be fed with semantics on his health. It may not be out of place to tell those treating him (the doctors) to inform the citizens nay the whole world of the actual state of his health when the Presidency has failed Nigerians.

We appeal to Mr. Femi Adesina and Alhaji Lai Mohammed to change their tactics on the management of President Buhari’s health information.

Since the President had been ill, the cost of managing his ill-health is gargantuan which the country can ill afford at this time of recession. We hereby pray for his quick recovery and return to the country at earliest possible time.




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