Oyetola-led Administration has Invested Immensely in the Well-Being of Children —Says Osun State’s Commissioner 

Gov. Oyetola

Abimbola Abatta, Osogbo

Governor Gboyega Oyetola sees quality and functional education as a major tool for advancing Osun State and placing it on a pedestal where true human development and capacity building can be accomplished.

The above assertion was contained in the address by Mrs Olubukola Olaboopo the State’s Commissioner for Women,

Children and Social Affairs, in commemoration of the year 2020 national children’s day.

The address further expressed that Oyetola’s administration has immensely invested in the well being of children in the State, stating that “the recent review of some educational policies is proof of the government’s interest in the education of children in the State.”

Mrs Olubukola commended Governor Oyetola’s renovation of schools and provision of prompt feeding allowances, quality education and health insurance for the less privileged at the government child care units as well as juvenile correctional centres.

She noted that the ministry of Women, Children and Social Affairs, is “working with the State Ministry of education to ensure that children at orphanages in the State enjoy absolute free education.

“The health care of children in the State is unrivalled. Feeding of our children in schools remains a priority; regular deworming exercises, immunization schemes, campaigns against harmful practices: Female Genital mutilation, school children drop out, teenage pregnancy, child labour and abuses continue to be atop Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s agenda.”

She further noted that the Osun State government has become reputable for its “no-nonsense stand against all forms of abuses of children.”

While enumerating some of the achievements, she said: “Very recently, the Ministry of Women, Children & Social Affairs pressed criminal charges against men who were found culpable in sexual abuse cases of children.

“We have taken custody of children from their mothers, stepmothers and relatives who abused them, the State has protected and given renewed hopes and positive lights and energy to our children.

“We have taken greater and cautious care of our babies who are specially created and endowed. Government is providing psychosocial support, physiotherapy & medical care for them, the smiles on their faces and the warmth they espouse speak volume. We have promptly responded to calls to rescue abandoned babies giving them life, care, shelter and future.

“Presently, we are working on overhauling the juvenile correctional centre in a manner that restores the dignity and gives hope of a better tomorrow to children who are in conflict with the Law while empowering them during the course of their stay at the centre,” the commissioner said.

Hon. Oluboopo stated that the ministry has renewed its vow to continue to care, protect and guide the children in the State, saying: “we shall even be more hard on people who commit offences against children irrespective of social status or relationship with the children as we say no to child labour, child assault, molestation, discrimination of the Girl Child.”

Speaking on the Children’s Day Celebration, the commission disclosed that the ministry has lined up programmes, showcasing the brilliance of children in the State, averring that “because our children are precious to us, we commenced their celebration on the 26th May to span through 28th May, with the peak being on the 27th which has specially been set aside for them.”

The Commissioner charged parents to invest in their children’s education by sincerely putting the education and training of their children and wards on the front burner.

She also urged parents to ensure that children and those around them are protected from social vices that can enslave or lower their self-esteem.

Olubukola, while encouraging parents said: “I request that you intentionally befriend your children; spend time with them. Be attentive and listen to their “gibberish” which often than expected, makes much sense. I beseech you to keep an extra eye on your children scaring away paedophiles who are always near and on the prowl.”

She implored the public to join hands together to ensure that these young and impressionable children are trained properly to become responsible adults, adding that “we owe them these duties.”

She emphasised that “miscreants do not grow from the soil neither do terrorists fall from the sky, they are given birth to.”


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