Osun to help job seekers with employment services


The Osun State Government is set to inaugurate Osun Job Centre, a free employment support services programme.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos, the Lead Consultant, Osun Job Centre, Ms. Mobolaji Akande, stated that the centre would serve as an intermediary between job seekers who are indigenes or residents of the state and employers.

She added that one of the aims of the initiative was to empower job seekers with employability skills in the areas of effective interview techniques, Curriculum Vitae writing and Information and Communications Technology skills.

Akande, who was the former Commissioner for Human Resources and Capacity building in the state, said the programme aspired to change the perception of job seekers that there were no jobs in the country by matching their skills set with job opportunities.

According to her, it is common for job seekers to apply for jobs which they don’t have skills set for and employers complaining that Nigerian graduates are unemployable.

This wrong perception, according to her, will be addressed through career counselling, adding that the centre will also assist the underemployed to move up their career ladder.

She said, “Career counselling plays a vital role in the education sector. Graduates are lacking in the knowledge they should have acquired before graduating. We will be giving seminars and, bringing in experts from different sectors of the economy to counsel those who wish to pursue a career in a particular field, so that they can be better informed.

“It is part of the six integral plan of the Osun State Government to reduce unemployment and create jobs. We want to prepare graduates for white-collar jobs.”

To verify the authenticity of the qualifications of jobseekers, Akande said their certificates as well as the identity of employers would be verified.


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