Osun guber: Aregbesola insists on selecting successor


Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, has reiterated his commitment to producing a successor that belongs to his party’s political tradition of progressive and  people-oriented leadership.

He insisted that such successor must be a person of integrity who shares the party’s aspirations and take governance to the next level from where he would stop when he leaves the office in November.

The governor stated this yesterday in his new year speech during  a state broadcast to the people.

Aregbesola, who disclosed that his administration would end in November, while the governorship election would hold in September, urged the people to conduct themselves in a good manner.

“This is an election year in which our tenure will end and a successor must emerge. It is my solemn promise that we will not leave in vacuum.

“In consultation with our leaders and the members of our party, we will carefully select and present to you a successor that belongs to our political tradition of progressives and people-oriented leadership, a person of integrity, who shares our aspirations and will take governance to the next level from where we stopped.

“I want you to conduct yourselves with the same dignity and courage of Omoluabi – a people whose conscience and souls cannot be bought, that cannot be intimidated with guns and dogs and who stand firm behind the progressive rock of political leadership.

“In the new year, political desperadoes hell bent on precipitating crisis and mayhem will want to egg some misguided individuals into conducting themselves unseemly and disturb the peace and serenity of the state.

“We support the democratic expression of grievances through peaceful protests and other legitimate means.

“Nevertheless, all forms of social agitations, be it economic, political or social, must not be done to the detriment of others. We have the mandate andstrong intention to protect the rights of others to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and go about their lawful duties without molestation, let or hindrance.

“This is the last new year message our administration will pass to you as our tenure will end on November 26.

“Therefore, I will like to say from the bottom of my heart that it has been a great privilege to serve the good people of Osun.

“I cherish your love, fierce patriotism, courage and forthrightness. You are a great people,” he said.

Aregbesola also urged the people to pay their taxes, rates, levies, fees, fines and other financial obligations to the state.


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