OPWS Arresst, Parades major weapons  supplier and armourer of  Benue most wanted kingpin, 17  others


By Titus Atondu, Makurdi

Security operatives under the aeges of Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS) operating in Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba States, has paraded 19 suspects  arrested in different parts of Benue and Nasarawa States for various crimes  bothering on armed banditry, kidnapping and weapons supply.

OPWS specifically paraded Dauda Atara and Andrew Imbwase who were major armourers and supplier of weapons to the Benue most wanted kingpin, Terwase Akwaza (aka Gana) and two other kidnappers who were arrested at  Umaisha in  Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

Force Commander of OPWS, Maj. Gen. Adeyemi Yekini, further disclosed  that 10 of the suspects were arrested in Gboko Local Government area of Benue  State while three others  who are members of Gana gang, were arrested during a raid operation at Gana’s hometown of   Gbise in  Katsina-Ala Local Government area of the state.

Parading the suspects before Newsmen  at the OPWS Headquarters in Makurdi, General Yekini disclosed that the two major suspects were the number one weapon suppliers and armourers of Terwase Akwaza.

“Gentlemen, you have seen and interviewed the suspects and I can tell you with every sense of responsibility that this crop of criminals are  perhaps, the most deadly set of criminals that we have ever arrested since the inception of Operation Whirl Stroke and our hope is that, the prosecuting authorities will do a good job so that these people can be removed from the society for a very long time.

“You will recall that some weeks back,  we had a press briefing during which I promised that we shall be focusing on how to break the  weapons supply chain that have  been fuelling  criminalities in Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba States.

“I am very happy to inform you that we have been able to record some successes. Our star suspect todayday is Don Moji. He is the number one weapon supplier to  Gana; he is responsible for between  80 and  90 percent of  weapons that Gana has been using to terrorise the  people of Benue state. Our intelligence team  got wind of Don Moji’s activities  about four months ago somewhere around Abuja.

“Just as we were closing in on him to effect his  arrest at  Abuja, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few days later  at Owode  Idiroko in Ogun state. We again sent troops to the area to arrest him but again he disappeared and for almost two months, we lost track of him. During this period, he did a lot of things to cover his tracks and hide his identity”.

“So when he was sure that he had covered  himself well  enough after the two months period, he appeared again at Abuja to continue his weapons supply activities to Gana . This time around, he was not that lucky as we were able to arrest him  with the support of Guards Brigade  troops. We tracked him to somewhere between Kashi and Kurudu in Abuja where we arrest him”, Yekini explained.

He further explained that during interrogation, Imbwase alias Don Moji led troops of the operation to the main armourer of  Gana, adding that the armourer was arrested around the North Bank area of Makurdi.

“So that is how we got three numbers of the ring, though there are up to four  other  members of the gang are still on the run; we are trailing them from Benue up to Plateau State down to Taraba. So, the weapons supply  ring  extends from Benue to  Plateau and Taraba States.

He said the 10 suspects arrested in  Gboko general area, were members of a kidnapping  group under Shawa stressing that the group was responsible for the bulk of kidnapping and other violent crimes  in and around Gboko.

“You will recall that some VIPs were kidnapped in Gboko of recent. These ten people were responsible for most of the  kidnappings. They also spread their criminal  tentacles beyond  Gboko into  Vandeikya and parts of Cross River State. Since we made the arrests, the rate of  kidnappings  had gone down considerably in Gboko and we intend to keep it so.

“The rest three were arrested during a raid operation I mentioned earlier at Gana’s home of Gbise in Katsina-Ala. One of the suspects that we arrested and paraded earlier, Moses Zever, led troops to the hideout at  Gbise where the three of them were arrested. We also destroyed a  logistics warehouse belonging to Gana during the operation.

He noted that the arrest of the two kidnappers at  Umaisha brings to 15 the total number of kidnappers his troops have  arrested around Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State in past few months which has  improve security in the area .

“My message to other armed bandits and criminals still out there is very simple and that is enough is enough. We will not tolerate armed banditry, kidnapping and other acts of criminality in Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba States. If you are out there committing crimes, just  watch your back as we are coming after you”.

Gen Yekini expressed the hope that the prosecuting authorities would do a good job. “If by mistake or for one reason or the other  any of them is allowed back into the  society due to lack of diligent prosecution, it will certainly not augur well for the society as a whole as these are dangerous criminals. I  hope the prosecuting authority will do a very thorough job to get these people out of the society for a very long time to come.

Speaking to newsmen, one of suspects, Andrew Imbwase aka Don Moji  admitted that he was arrested in connection with arms and weapons supply.

“I was contracted to supply weapons and I contacted somebody in Shendam Local Government area of Plateau State.

The last time, I supplied 2000 ammunitions to politicians in Gboko and I got my supply through one Dauda Atara who is my friend. I am the one who led army to his house in North Bank after l was arrested.

“I know Gana and I supplied weapons to him through one of my maternal uncles who spoke to me about him. I have been in the business of  weapons supply before the introduction of amnesty programme by Governor Samuel Ortom. I was working with one of my late brothers. Later on, I committed a crime in which I was taken into DSS custody for a very long time. So when the last general election was around the corner, I was brought to come and assist some politicians. I collected three AK47 rifles and ammunitions from Dauda which I used through out the elections period”, he said.

Another suspect, Atara Dauda who was alleged to be armourer of Gana, said that he supplied weapons and ammunition to both Gana and Don Moji.

“What Don Moji said is true because I was the one that gave him all the guns and ammunitions. It was not even three AK47 that we gave out to politicians but four. I supplied weapons to Gana but at a time l stopped because he wanted me to join his gang but I refused. I have been supplying guns to Gana since 2014.

“I also supplied 2000 ammunitions to Moji and I got them from one Bala Igige in North Bank area of Makurdi”, he confessed.

Kidnap gang leader Amyam Andoakura from Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State also confessed that he had kidnapped two people who paid him N2million and N2.5 millions respectively.


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