Oladipupo Okeyomi: Only the best is good


It is a natural phenomenon that in life’s journey, we encounter different personalities who make different impressions on us, each being unique in their own ways. The most striking thing about God is that He endowed us with the ability to select from the array of personalities, those that suitable for specific functions. One of the personalities is Hon. Oladipupo Babatunde Okeyomi.

Oladipupo Okeyomi, a.k.a. Carry Go hails from Ikare Akoko town in Ondo State, no doubt he is a rare breed of political class with a clear understanding of grassroots politics. His giant strides in philanthropy speaks louder than words of mouth. Okeyomi’s passion and commitment to humanity has earned him an unquantifiable dignity even among his equals.

Hon. Okeyomi is the president of Change Agent Foundation International and also chairmanship aspirant of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area (LCDA) under the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), the gentleman is also one of the proud sons and good ambassadors of Yoruba race.

The security expert, could go for success and progress, regularly thinking about his passion to turn Ojokoro LCDA around. He is described by many as a man with large heart with humility, straight forward and a crusader of everything that is upright and fair. He hates evil and oppression like a plague; making life worth living for anyone that comes across his way. His Change Agent Foundation International touches lives in a positive and diverse ways.

His venture in politics is justified as God has been using him to place food on the table of the down trodden.

Hon. Okeyomi has determined to stand, defend for whatever he believes in, he is a man with ideas and visions to take Ojokoro to greater heights, he is ready to offer selfless service to the good people of Ojokoro LCDA when elected into the office as chairman of Ojokoro LCDA.

His manifestoes are unique, he promised to alleviate poverty, through agriculture, improved healthcare, social welfare, etc. The chairmanship hopeful; noted that if elected, “I will engage 700 youths in my 100 days in office,” I have my programme for the youth employment and empowerment.”

Hon. Okeyomi is no stranger to awards and laurels, he has received several international awards on education, from the media and professionals. He is highly esteemed by the society to be of good character and professionally interested in the welfare of the masses, his words are known to be his bonds. “I have come to serve the good people of Ojokoro.”

Ojokoro has come of age from what it used to be, it now has well educated young technocrats who are ready to work tirelessly for the development of the LCDA, good leadership as being defined by many scholars comes with great responsibilities that require skill and personal attributes.

Hon. Okeyomi is accountable, transparent and possesses high sense of humility and responsibility, he is a young, dynamic individual that has the capacity to organize complex structures to manage people and carries an aura of excellence, we cannot but agree that only the best is good enough. We look forward to the day our amiable grassroots mobilizer will be rewarded by the votes of the good people of Ojokoro LCDA.

 Hon. Okeyomi, you are exceptional and please never give up, with the silent majority, you remain a salient feature of our new hope in Ojokoro. Itesiwaju Ojokoro lo je wa logun.


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