Ogun hospitals, mere consulting rooms – ADC governorship candidate


Bankole Taiwo, Abeokuta

Very important sectors to socioeconomic life of the people of Ogun State like health is said to be in shambles such that hospitals in the state without drugs, manpower and facilities are better described as mere consulting rooms to patients.

The governorship candidate of African Democratic Party, (ADC) Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka stated this while unveiling the manifesto of his party at Abeokuta over the weekend.

Prince Isiaka said “a visit to most of our Primary healthcare centres, comprehensive healthcare centers and even the general hospitals will reveal a shocking decay; where there are no infrastructure and even personnel. A situation where a local government has just one doctor, serving as administrator and at the same time as clinical officer can surely not deliver the best for the people”.

” Our teaching hospital at Sagamu that was adjudged the second best as at 2002 is now a mere consulting clinic, no infrastructure while the best hands there have fled to greener pastures,you can visit the place yourself for confirmation”.

“Secondary health care in Ogun state is in shambles as our facilities are dilapidated structurally and functionally. No basic equipment for usage, No emergency preparedness, less than 200 medical doctors working in all these hospitals across Ogun State; less than 650 nurses working in Ogun State hospitals, out of which some of them are on courses outside these working places. More disturbing we have just 30 laboratory technician expected to provide diagnostic services statewide; among several deficiencies”

He revealed that “despite the pretensions to urban renewal by APC led government  and the attendant huge cost of the projects, most of our communities are impassable; for example, a tour of Atan-Agbara-Igbesa or Ogijo/Shimawa axis, or Ibogun or Akute/Alagbole, Bode Olude/Elega or  even the township roads in cosmopolitan Ijebu-ode; among several others are an eyesore; that must be condemned”.

Prince Isiaka stated that “why the lamentation of the current decay in the state must not be continued, we must establish a paradigm shift and development roadmap to confront this rot and make life worth living for the people”.

He said the new paradigm means new ways of thinking, aligning our systems and processes with clear plans such that things are consciously organized to work. It comprises transforming our economy to one, driven by knowledge, technology and industrialization; which creates jobs and opportunities for even the weakest among us”.

Isiaka said “we shall provide meaningful infrastructure so that it works for our people, support rapid economic growth and improve the quality of life in our local communities. We can modernize our agriculture to increase productivity to feed our people and our factories”.

“We should transform our education such that it produces an inexhaustible pool of human resources capable of continuously expanding our economy while securing the future. We will transform our healthcare to ensure a healthy population with increased life expectancy. We will transform governance such that it facilities the right attitudes and relationship between government and the people. Leadership must encourage the thriving, support the striving and take care of the struggling”.

“We will only realize our potential if those who are entrusted with the public responsibility have a clear vision and are conscripted to elevate governance to its rightful place. This is a step we so desperately need, to make our state great and provide Life More Abundant for its citizens”.

“Our development will engender hope in our people. We will conduct the act of governance with vision and strong leadership that will put our dear state on the path of sustained peace, opportunity and prosperity for generations to come”.


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