Obsequious persons as they affect politics


Needless for you to read me this week if you are a bootlicker, so Stop!.  If you are the type who cares only about yourself, the type that tells the political leaders just what they want to hear, sing their praises, get their attention only for your personal reward, then, my bulleting for this week is for you and it will certainly hurt you to the marrow.

Our politics must be of a new dimension and not the regular one where we felicitate with each other only for fun, fame and mere financial reward. So, please stop at this stage, this article is about your person in our attempt to bail these innocent leaders from your gripping hands so that our society can move forward in the interest of the general populace.

In most cases, those in authority have the strong will and determination to do only good but those who often hang around them mislead and make nonsense of their expeditions and sometimes derail them off the good path. Just because you have serious determination to succeed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those hanging around you are messiahs; they are mostly not out to make you succeed rather, they are with you for their selfish gain infinity!

“If you succeed in misleading somebody, do not think of him as being a big fool, rather, think about how he trusted you”.

In most cases, many of those who want those in authority to succeed find it difficult to move closer to them. The bootlickers make the greatest noise, loud enough to be heard, most times, very deceptive.

A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to catch attention, deceives and lures one time achievers to miss their track is not different from the set of people who are so crafty, diabolical, dubious and full of  destructive tactics.

Now that we have a new cabinet and at a time when expectations are so high from the lucky ones, especially when public reaction is now making service unattractive, it is imperative for them to do good towards achieving an impactful service delivery. The political officer holders must be ready to identify and jettison the intrigues of the detractors.

A determined and focused person pays less attention to those who find fault with everything you say or do. Thinking positively and seeking solutions would help in overcoming the detractors and/or winning them into your camp.

In this new dispensation, the administration with much zeal/quest to succeed must follow this route:

  1. First, identify the detractors and their motives.
  2. See if they have valid points or things you can adopt.

iii. Zap any negative thought they give you because of their parochial interest at the detriment of others.

  1. Make your good deeds known to the public and as such, the detractors would definitely not have any valid point against you.

Above all, Let the detractors slide off you like water on the duck’s back.

There is no way activities of professional sycophants can be totally done away with. But it’s imperative for political functionaries to develop an architecture through which they can be identified and kept in abeyance with a view to preventing them from misleading the leaders and the led. Their primordial priority is for pecuniary reason and not in the intetest of their victims.

It’s not a gainsaying to state that some well-intentioned governments had fallen due to the infamous activities of sycophants with their selfish intriques.  In my estimation, it is the ability of any leader at the helm of affairs to discover sycophants that goes a long way in rating the leadership capability of such leader as such leader is deemed liable for both his action and inaction in the spirit of leadership responsibility.

Focus on the Road and not the wall


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