No need for further war, we are already in war !!!


By Hon. Rotimi Makinde

In every home at this moment, there exists Boko Haram, kidnappers, armed robbers and all sorts of social menace .This is a clear manifestation that all is not well with us already as a nation.

Heads of families and many husbands have turned “Boko Haram” to their wives and children when meeting obligation is becoming a tall dream .Trained and graduated youths who could not secure jobs or assist their parents after graduation are now into digital and modern armed robbery, e.Yahoo Yahoo .Tell me what then is war if not all these attitudes that are setting us against each other,giving the nation bad name we do not deserve and making us react negatively  to each other at little  provocation !. We certainly do not need any foreign country  to counsel us about how imminent war is on our society. It has become so tensed and as evidenced by series of what is happening in our society at this moment. The economy is not only in shambles, it has been like this for so many years of our horrific past and even with all these spirited  mind burgling discoveries as being  championed by the current admnistration, yet we want it fixed within minutes hence we are waging war with our current operators. War of mouth is all over the place , drum of war in various homes accros the country. Our pens are pushing war and war seems to be the only language that flies in the corrupt heart and tongues of those who seek for alternative government  no matter the consequences at this time.Revolution or

War is certainly a bad thing because it involves deliberately killing or injuring people, and this is  fundamentally wrong and an abuse of the victims’ human rights. It could be anybody, isnt it?.

What we have not done at this moment is waging of war based on ethics, and identifying our enemies, but its gradually at the peak with each of us transferring economic  aggression and daily failing in our choices of languages with one another. When our economy failed us, when we could not meet our obligations as family men or when we  fail to do our best as a driver and we run into failure at intervals ,we already have whom to blame.The government,the cattle rearers and some clever enemies under their disguise now became good enough to be our target. Lets be quick to ask ourselves these pertinent questions. Is it right to go to war.Is it revolution we truly need or Right attitude ?

Who is ever sure of winning a war, which revolution has ever come without its impact  ?.

What is the moral way to conduct a war or revolution .?

If the then civil war in Nigeria  is no longer fresh in our memories, then those who saw it all shouldn’t be the ones to call for war and moreso to those of us born during the civil war and grew up to hear and read about the sorry state of the unnecessary and regretted war dare not pray for war. Some of us were not too young to tell the raw story of Modakeke/ Ife,Warri and the Sekiris were all mere communal war not to talk of the real war of our neighbour the Liberia. A pathetic tale of where babies were forced to feed directly on those cows we are today condemning its  handlers or where no one think of next  meal,there will be no network and of course  no data but complete  state of anrchy and confusion in every minute!.

Methinks there are several different sorts of pacifism, but they all include the idea that war and violence are unjustifiable, and that conflicts and grievances  should better be settled in a peaceful way..Are we in conflict? yes we are in conflict, we are at this moment restless, this includes the Hausa,Ibos and the Yorubas.We are all  gradually facing a state of restlessness that must be admitted by all and sundry.This is not an occasion for us to intensify efforts to build up hate,promote revolution  or to start apportioning blame to government, ethnicities or one person or the other but a time for us to be more united, rise and to sporadically think in a patriotic manner as a nation to save our nation from drifting to that anarchy and that negative predicted end that will not augur well for us all .

Practically we should all share this belief that war is wasteful, ineffective and uncivilized way of settling scores .

We should hold on to that  belief that pacifism is more than opposition to war. We must embrace dialogue, fairness and justice and the rule of law which must include action to promote justice and human rights.

We are yet to win the self inflicted war that keep our numerous youths at home,made many to think of revolution, turn our jobless youths  to fraudsters and ready hands for the devil. The tensed situation and the internal war that is causing daily divorce in our various home, suicides and making our lives more unsafe.

Let no one tell me about war or revolution , I hate to think that I may have to carry gun against those my loveable classmates from  Birnin kebbi,Mallam Waziri my room mate whom i love most,the Shantalis of Birnin Kebbi, The Gulma from Sokoto and Gombe and those good  colleagues of mine in the National Assembly .The Dicksons,The Amachree from Bayelsa or Imedioha from Imo or The Aminus of the Dan fulani.


We have to fight this menace that has reared its ugly heads into our midst.The kidnappers, the Boko Haram and  those bandits can actually be killed before they kill us .

Attitudinal change is what I think we truly  need,but not war.!!!


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