NITDA organizes masterclass for media executives


By Ikenna Odionye

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) yesterday organized a one-day Master class on Nigeria Data Protection Regulations for Media Executives.

The event that was anchored by Mr. Tokumbo Smith the president of a professional firm in the field of data and knowledge information privacy protection intiative (DKIPPI), was a collaborative effort between NITDA and DKIPPI.

Tokumbo while delivering his lecture said that data protect/ privacy is global and Nigeria needs to evolve and along with other countries of the world and our journalist have a part to play in creating awareness

He said “By virtue of your profession, you are suppose to educate and inform the public, and where you cannot educate me or educate the populace or inform me in the right direction, it means I cannot get what I expect to get from Nigeria as a nation and it means you are failing in your duties which I know by virtue that I have reputable, respectable journalist in Nigeria that are doing a good job and that is why Nigerians are is being envied all over the world”.

We are a great nation and we are great people, what we are discussing today is a global issue, its not a Nigerian issue, data protect/ privacy is global so we can never be a tree in an island, we have to do what the world is doing and that is the purpose of inviting you all here today so that you can propagate and let people know exactly what we are saying when we talk about data protection and data privacy.

He implored journalist to be ambassadors of data protection as it’s an all-encompassing effort to drive the information of data protection that has become a global phenomenon and Nigeria cannot be relegated.

“we will like you to please project this data protection as much and you can because it is a regulation that will affect me and you, it is a regulation that will affect our children, it is a regulation that will affect every Nigerian where ever you are, as long as you are a resident of this country so that we can have more investors coming in because its going to affect investors and its going to affect those of us that are employees and employers” he said.

Another speaker at the event was the Director of e-governance regulators , Dr. Vincent Olatunde  who said the training became mandatory as the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation wouldn’t have been a success without the media getting involved in the process he therefore urged the media to disseminate the information on data regulation as it has become a worldwide standard

“A lot has be achieved today especially in the area of awareness creation. There is no way you can really implement any regulation in any country or any sector without appropriate awareness and you can’t create awareness without carrying along the media houses. With the number I am seeing here today, i will say this has been a very successful outing In terms of creating awareness on the  NDPR. I will like to thank all of you for coming here from all the different media houses.  All we need from you is to ensure that  we let you know what this process is all about , for you to report about it, because it’s a global thing now, you cannot escape from it. In the EU, There’s virtually nothing you can do now without their GDPR and that’s why you begin to hear of different fines but it’s a process and there are few things that we need to go through, investigations take time.

And here in this part of the world where our sector is still growing, we are not really after fines, all we are after is to ensure that things are properly done in the country and to position ourselves in the country, so that global bodies will be able to do business confidently without any fear, that if you have your data in Nigeria you are secured, you are safe to show that things are done properly here and our country won’t be black listed, because now countries are being black listed if they don’t have data protection regulations. He said.


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