Nigeria’s hydra-headed monster: Insecurity


Nigeria is currently standing or sitting on the graveyards of thousands of innocent citizens no thanks to mindless killings of these citizens right from the very beginning of the New Year. On January 1, the bloodletting and blood sucking Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen were on the prowl killing about 107 in Benue State and others from neighbouring Yobe, Nassarawa and Plateau states in quick succession. Ever since, the killings had been going on daily with the latest of killings of some Catholic priests and worshippers at a church in a Benue Catholic Church.

These harvests of killings were randomly condemned by top government functionaries and concerned Nigerians. Ever since the pogrom had been going on almost daily with government doing nothing other than making their normal meaningless tirades such as “we are on top of the situation, perpetrators will be brought to book” and yet the killings go on unchecked daily. This government has evidently failed abysmally on the issue of nation’s security which is a paramount duty of its being in office.

President Buhari has totally lost focus, not knowing what and what to do. It is totally unacceptable that President Buhari has finally capitulated to the killings by herdsmen and Boko Haram. We have for the umpteenth time suggested ways and methods the government should adopt to tackle or checkmate the activities of these marauders but it has often turned a blind eye and the killings continue without let on hindrance daily. The President should as a matter of exigency change his service chiefs, replace them with new ones majority of whom should NOT be from the President’s clan. The herdsmen should be urgently disarmed to support the Inspector General of Police’s disarmament policy he recently introduced which is working already.

Any Fulani herdsman found carrying arms should be immediately arrested and those already arrested if any, should be promptly prosecuted to instill fear in these murderous vampires. Buhari should do away with his clannish, nepotic proclivity to this issue of which he is already known. Nobody is interested in his speeches he always makes on Nigeria when he tours overseas countries. Before this hydra-headed monster turns the country into a cemetery, the President should act fast because time is against him; it could jeopardize his vaunting re-election.

Recently, the former fiery Chief of Army Staff and Defence Minister, Lt.-Gen. T. Y. Danjuma openly accused the army of colluding with Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen to kill Nigerians in their thousands and called on the citizens to defend themselves in every way possible before the killers exterminate the people. Emotions, tension rose on his suggestions which made the military to immediately deny ever doing such a thing. It thereafter set up an investigative panel on the issue. Nigerians are still awaiting the result of the panel. There is no gainsaying the fact that security agents are in topsy-turvy currently and it behoves President Buhari to immediately do the necessary surgery in the agencies before the nation, God forbid, is plunged into another avoidable civil war going by the way of this frivolity and ferocity being adopted by these hoodlums so as to compel the populace to engage the murderers in a face-off that could lead to widespread civil disorder which may be uncontrollable. He could still do the needful on this Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen menace. Generations yet unborn would not forgive him if he remains dormant on this issue of national importance.


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