Nigerians set agenda for fight against insecurity


Bankole Taiwo

As the year 2017 roll by giving birth to the new year 2018, Nigerians have urged government at all tiers and most importantly the federal government to double it’s efforts in strengthening the security of the country.

The government was specifically tasked to show more seriousness in tackling the challenge of herdsmen clashes with farmers which for a while had in some parts of the country been assuming a dangerous dimension leaving behind tales of death and horror.

They were of the strong view that if this security threat was not tackled with all the arsenal at the disposal of the government coupled with strong political will and courage, it was another ticking time bomb waiting to explode like the current insurgency war in the North-East of the country.

Mr Julius Alimi, a trader in one of the popular markets in Ogun State while speaking with our Correspondent explained that ‘’ I think the government must fight headlong the problem of these herdsmen causing problems here and there. Enough of this seemingly indifference attitude from the government. They should be dealt with like criminals that they are. In addition, the federal government must also support ranching as it is being promoted by some States because this will help to curb to a great extent this emerging crime”.

Another contributory factor Nigerians said the government must address for a secured 2018 is proper funding of the security agencies in the country while the welfare of its officers must also be given adequate attention.

Mr Bola Soniran, a security expert and Chief Executive Officer of ENFIK Security explained that “ security is quite expensive all over the world, so I expect the government in the new year to increase its funding for this sector. There should enough funds to provide our security agencies with sound logistics such as good patrol vehicles, arms and ammunition and of course take good care of their welfare in the event of any hazard of the job. It is on this note that I want charge the government to ensure that the newly approved one billion dollars from excess crude account is actually spent to equip our security agencies such that they will always be way ahead of the criminal elements in terms of firepower, timely response and intelligence gathering”

Another area of focus Nigerians believe could also help to shore up the security of the country is in  proper staffing of our security agencies especially the police. Mr Odetola Mayowa, an accountant with a medical laboratory facility in Benin, Edo State capital said that “ I strongly urge the government to look into the area of recruiting more hands for our security agencies especially the police in the new year. These should be specially trained officers that could be deployed to fight all manner of criminalities plaguing our security fabric. A country of about 200 million people and vast land mass of ours deserve more security personnels than we currently have”.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Ogun State Police command, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi has vowed that in as much as the security agencies in the country particularly the police was more determined than ever before to fight crime to standstill in the new year, Nigerians must also be willing to be partners in progress by supplying information that could help to nip or burst crimes in their locations. He added that “ I think Nigerians must have confidence in our capacity to protect their lives and properties as enshrined in the constitution. They must however be willing to help us with information that could further help us to fight criminals, these criminals are not ghost, they live in our midst and just like it is done in western world, our people should be ready to assist the security agencies to deal a fatal blow to the criminals this new year”.



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