Nigerians cannot be fooled by tired legs, mushroom parties of the CUPP- Oshiomhole

By Mary Amodu
The National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Adams Oshiomhole says Nigerians cannot be fooled by tired legs called Coalition of United Political Parties noting that a million snails cannot outrun an Antelope.
The chairman stated this yesterday at the  inauguration of  the 39-member Non-National Working Committee (NWC) at the Party’s National Secretariats.
According to Oshiomole “I can see old coaches who are now berate of new ideas searching frantically for new players the more the search the more the find not the best of those past players but the worst of those prayers, so, i don’t think Nigerians can be fooled by a coalition of that, if you harness the energy of 1million snails and transform it to one 1 snails to run, it can never catch up with an antelope”.
He described the coalition as a gathering of a million snails trying to outrun an Antelope, restating the fact that because the acclaimed ‘Reformed’ APC did not get what they wanted in the ruling party was not enough reason for them to have opted out.
” When we heard 50political parties have emerged to confront us towards 2019, I was excited bcos that is the first admittion that as things stand today, neither the one we have defeated before or none the new one that claim to form a new party but populated with old tired legs Or the mushroom party that was formed, none of them has what it takes but telling Nigerians we just want to capture power even though we are different but we just want to unite to defeat the present ruling party”. He added
He noted that opportunistic politicking will not be accepted as the party is working judciously to set up an institute of progressive studies where members, leaders will be sensitized and reoriented on the values of the party.
“I don’t think Nigerians need any further explanation to know that it’s enough of “Opportunistic Politicking” and that is why the day I took over, I said I will set up an institute of progressive studies,where both leaders and members can know what we stand for, before joining the party, they must ask their self if they are fit to be members of this house, are they compactible with the values, as we need to understand them. if yes what are they”.
He further reiterated that the party is committed to justice, fairness and respect for democratic principles and would go to any length to address real grievances of the genuine members urged party faithfuls.
“We have challenges in some states and right now, we are at the process of identifying those States, the people involve and see the role we can play to help everyone find a common ground not to have a win win solution. I have had meetings with the APC caucus in the Senate, house of representatives and a number of leaders who have issue or the other and so far, they have been progress”.
Oshiomole emhasised that the party would do all in its power to get President Muhammadu Buhari to flush out elements of the Peoples Democratic Party in agencies.
 “i want to asssure our members that we are aware that we still have some PDP members occupying a very important position, we would do everything possible to purge these elements out of the system because we are a party of change and they are the conservative right wig party. We cannot be exposed to consecutive forces and agenda for change”.


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