Nigerian surgeon removes woman’s ovary instead of appendix


A senior Nigerian surgeon, Dr Lawal Haruna, has been struck off in the UK after accidentally removing a woman’s ovary instead of her appendix.

The 59-year-old mistook the patient’s reproductive organs for her appendix when she was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain.

The unnamed “Patient B”, who was not of child-bearing age, also had her fallopian tube removed during the bungled procedure.

The incident in March 2015 was one of a series of botched operations carried out by Haruna over two years which were so poorly executed colleagues.

He said the mistakes were “trifling errors” while his colleagues described them as ‘never events’.

Another man, known as Patient A, who had acute appendicitis, had been on a list for emergency surgery yet Haruna mistakenly removed a pad of fat, meaning he was forced to undergo a further operation a month later.

Haruna removed a skin tag from a third patient who had been admitted with a cyst.

An expert report reads: “Dr Haruna was mistaken in his identification of the appendix and removed the ovary and tube in error.

“This is a serious omission and a breach of duty of care.

 “To have mistaken a fat pad for the appendix and to have failed to deal adequately with the pathology suggests a standard of care which is seriously below that expected of a reasonably competent Staff Grade in General Surgery.”

Haruna, who says he has 25 years’ experience, said the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar “worm-like structures which lie in a similar area.”


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