Nigerian education to stop raising job seekers – Educationist


By Seun Oladunjoye

Nigeria should stop raising job seekers. A fire brand educationist and former Chairman, National Association of Proprietor of Private Schools, Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, Mr. Oluwakemi Yunus made this known in an interview with our correspondent.

“Honestly, my major long term vision for our education sector is to be able to raise children that will not be looking for jobs after school.”

Mr. Yunus, who is also the Proprietor, Success Hall College, Olaogun said children, after finishing from school, should be made to see opportunities around and tap into them.

According to him, “there are lots of opportunities richly embedded in Nigeria for our young ones to tap into and we will be better than the like of Dubai.”

He added that the need for the younger ones to be highly skilled in all ramifications is as well highly imperative.

“If everybody is skilled in one way or the other in the country, I can tell you that there is market for everyone.”

This, the passionate teacher agreed will surely help drive home his vision for the sector and in return spur outstanding developments.

Attesting to the fact that the issue of “brain drain” has really been rampant, he disclosed that money is more focused than the opportunities at home.

He further reiterated that the passion to be a teacher all his life and build a viral younger generations are still burning in him.

“If I am offered the sum of N10 million to move out of the country, I will not accept it because of the numerous opportunities embedded here and my passion.”


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