Nigeria to generate 30mw of electricity with renewable energy


The projection for the Rural Electrification is that by the year 2030 Nigeria would have generated 30mw and the vision is 30 30 30 which means by year 2030 Nigeria will generate 30mw of electricity, 30 percent of it will be renewable Energy the generation could be from solar, wind or hybrid.

Executive Director Rural Electrification Funds, Rural Electrification agency Dr Sanusi Ohiare who was represented by Yakubu Abdul said this in his opening address during the power Nigeria conference.

Also some of the stakeholders in the sector raised an issue about what government is doing to its project, you all agree with me that in the past, government direct participation in the delivery of solar power project have not had a really good impact on the image of the industry, I hope the new REA will do things differently but I have concern around the recent tender process which just took place about 3weeks back some of the criteria I see there, certainly will not help us to identify those that can get the job done, I can tell you that there a lot of briefcase carrying not solar practitioners that have all the documents that you need and if we continue to announce the normal civil service type where you bring all kind the documents even some of the required documents is not certified is not a yardstick for ascertaining solar practitioners that are doing the job in the industry so I really have to call our attention that we need to use consultancy to ascertain those that can get the job done rather than require or request for all those documentation that are not really relevant to ability to deliver this project.

In his reaction to this issues raised by the stakeholder, Yakubu said President Mohamud Buhari has appointed very credible expert with years of experience in the Energy sector that are grinded in this process, it’s a due process and the document we are working with REA strategy and implementation plan as well as professional guide line and also we work with world bank, power Nigeria, power Africa partners that we know he said all the concerns about briefcase carrying contractor will not work this time that we can have the agency assurance.

Yakubu also said that the REA has already launched a project and the project is called energies the Nation and our target is to electrify all the schools in Nigeria starting from higher institutions and government secondary schools energies them in a such a way that we have stand by power system it could from any source solar, it could be from wind or hybrid system that’s independent of National grid.

Another speaker from the event, President of REAN, Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria Mr  Segun Adaju stated the role the government agency should play in regulating the sector, right policy, laws regulations that will help the private company by subsidising a VAT wavers, duty wavers consumer protection they should allow market to determine the price and must be international standard.


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