Nigeria not a good place to live as a lady – Italy-bound migrant


One of the Italy-bound Nigerian migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by Migrant Offshore Aid Station, MOAS, has stated her reasons of escaping from Nigeria.

The lady, who identified herself as Promise, told MOAS, that Nigeria is not a place for ladies to live.

She said, “My name is Promise and I’m from Nigeria. Nigeria is not a good place to be a lady, so I had to get out.

“I left my family behind and had been travelling across Africa for some time before I got to the Libyan coast.

“I got on a dinghy with over 160 other people on board. We must’ve been travelling for a few hours when we realized that we were in big trouble, with no land in sight.

At first everyone was silent, no-one said a word, then slowly people started praying, crying and shouting. It was scary.

“When we were finally rescued and got to the MOAS boat we were checked, given food, water and blankets. I’m so relieved that I’ve finally made it.

“Now I really want to go forward and go to Italy to pursue my dream: become a doctor.”


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