Nigeria, Belgium Start ups collaborate to bridge technological gaps


Story by Bukola Olanrewaju

The Nigeria and Belgium start ups has collaborated in its bid to close up the technological gaps.

This was disclosed at a co-creation workshop hosted by CcHub themed Silicon Lagoon Mission: discovering Africa’s fastest growing tech start ups ecosystem in Lagos.

According to the Founder and Executive Director, Youth for Technology (YFT), Mrs. Njideka Harry, the collaboration serves as a platform to get a better understanding of the technology ecosystem in Nigeria.

“There is a need for startups to develop business solutions tailored for Nigeria ecosystem and we understand that we can’t do this work alone; it requires collaboration of both the private, public sectors and the civil societies.

“As Nigerians, we understand what are needs are truly, and it is up to us to be at the driver seat of our development, to be able to create an innovative solutions that drive up those specific needs.

This collaboration will further provide a mentorship program”, Njideka noted.

Speaking on the need for collaboration, the Impact and Engagement Director, Close the Gap, Mrs. Julie Bergeyck noted that the aim is create partnership between Belgium and Nigerian Start-ups.

“There is huge market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole considering the population. We are convinced that Africa is at a turning point with many  opportunities to collaborate.

“The Startups are collaborating to proffer business solutions to some challenges in  five identified sectors, which includes Agrotech, Fintech, Edutech and e-waste recycling” she said.

One of the representatives from the Start-ups team, Ayosola Oluwayemisi Eniola  stated that,collaboration is helpful because it tends to bring what is needed to where is needed as well as increasing the GDP of the nation through technology.


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