Nigeria at 56: Motion without movement


At 56, a man is already a grandfather ditto for a woman who is already a grandmother.

Their activities and behaviours are being scrutinized continuously to judge who they are at any point in time.

At 56, Nigeria by any standard cannot be said to be practising a fledgling democracy. Successive heads of state from independence did not entrench good governance in the country. Save for General Yakubu Gowon who with his four-year development plan did well for the nation, successive heads of state had no clear-cut government policy to govern.

Theirs was a sort of rub my back, I rub yours type of government which has brought us where we are today. Without mincing words, the country has never had it so bad in terms of good governance and dividend of democracy. It is exceptionally worrisome in the last 15 years or thereabout.

The economy had been haemorhaged by successive governments by way of gargantuan corruption hitherto waiting to sniff out life from the citizenry. The country has nothing to be proud of in the last 56 years, be it in governance, economy and other relevant sectors.

In the case of governance, the present National Assembly as it is currently constituted is to say unequivocally, comprises unpatriotic elements who don’t mean well for the country by their actions of inactions. It is either one controversy or another bordering on graft. The economy is hitherto comatose with the array of professors of economics and world-renowned bankers still unable to fix the economy, other than running the economy on pages of newspaper with unworkable policies.

Nigeria is yet to get it right in the area of power even with Power Minister Raji Fashola’s sweet expositions on the sector, half of the entire country is in darkness waiting to take over the whole country ditto for the housing sector and road network.

At 56, Nigerians are getting hungry by the day. The much orchestrated economic diversification to agriculture and solid minerals is yet to take off despite rosy promises made by Agric and Solid Minerals development ministers Audu Ogbe and Kayode Fayemi. Nigerians are tired of newspapers rhetorics. They want concrete actions.

The country is currently experiencing self-inflicted impoverishment because of the profligacy on the part of past government. Should the present government continue to rue over this situation? NO. All the sectors in the economy have gone to sleep even with the current economic analysts on ground. The judiciary and law enforcement agencies are not helping matters with their pecuniary judgements and inaction in the performance of their statutory duties.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria at 56 is far below the world benchmark in the comity of nations with her self-acclaimed giant of Africa in other parlance ‘Dwarf of Africa’. The stark reality staring all of us in the face is that it is not yet Uhuru at 56. The country is in dire need of men with Spartan discipline to urgently turn around this country for a better future.

President Muhammadu Buhari should as a matter of urgency change the perceived changeables in his cabinet. Time is running out for him. Nigeria at 56 calls for no celebration but sober reflection by the President and all government agencies saddled with the responsibility of waking up the comatose entity called Nigeria. It is better late than never. Nigerians have endured enough. There is no more belt to tighten. Let the 57th anniversary next year wear a human face — for the good of the citizenry. God bless Nigeria and its citizens.


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