Nigeria and the fight against corruption, how far?


The fights against corruption have always been in the front burner of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. It remains the biggest challenge in the country. It has detoriated to very bad levels and has given the country very terrible reputations in the committee of nations in the world.

It is against this backdrop that the ministry of information organized a town hall meeting in Abuja with all stakeholders and key players in the country that are involved directly or indirectly in the anti-corruption crusade.

It is noteworthy that the security agencies especially the EFCC and the ICPC have been doing a lot in the areas of investigation and arrest of individuals with corrupt cases especially the recent fight against internet fraudsters popularly known as “yahoo” boys, that witnessed an international collaboration of Interpol and the EFCC operatives to track down fraudsters.  This has gone a long way in redeeming the image of Nigeria and Nigerians; this can be traced to the recent rating that shows Nigeria is one of the most transformed economies in the world with ease of doing business.

With all this commendable achievements, there are still a lot that need to be done in terms of security, investigation and synergy amongst the Nigerian security systems and Nigerians.

What happens to the lives of people who expose corrupt persons? Why are there still cases of corrupt and compromising security operatives for instance the case of Wadume? What happens to the whistle blowers life? Why are there still corrupt cases with government officials (the case of N3bn contract scam of the head of service Oyo – Ita?

Corruption should be given an early approach and inculcated in our education system, such that student is made to see the negative effect of corruption and the eventual result of a corrupt person.

The judicial system should be restructured with stiffer penalties to punish corrupt persons if possible life sentences as it operates in China and some Asian countries with no bail options.

Security should be given to individuals who expose corrupt persons and their lives must be protected. The security agencies should work in synergy to achieve more goals and the emphasis on who take the glory should be trash out.

Confidentiality should never be compromised whenever someone exposes a corrupt person and Nigerians should always report corrupt individuals to security agencies whenever, wherever, irrespective of ethnic, religious, tribal and social affiliations.

There should be increased funding and deployment of modern technology and training of security personnel to enhance performance.

The anti-corruption crusade is an encompassing effort; therefore all hands must be on deck to save this country from destruction.


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