NigerDock delivers Sonam Topside to boost domestic gas supply


Nigeria’s gas production for domestic supply is set to receive 420 million cubit feet per day boost sequel to the completion of its largest Topside Module, Sonam, by Nigerdock.

The project was fabricated entirely and fitted in Nigeria in the company’s fabrication yard on Snake Island, Apapa Lagos.

The Sonam Non-Associated Gas Well Platform Production Topside Module was delivered as part of the Domestic Supply Obligation, DSO – MEREN Gas Gathering Compression Platform, GGCP and Sonam Non-Associated Gas Wellhead Platform project sponsored by Chevron and Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

Sonam is expected to deliver a combined 420 million cubit feet per day of natural gas to Chevron’s Excravos Gas project which will provide feedstock for power generation, a major demand for Nigeria’s power sector.

Chairman of Nigerdock, Mr. Anwar Jamarkani in his speech to mark the completion and load-out of the Topside said the facility will boost Nigeria’s power generation ability and provide much needed power for the country’s domestic and industrial needs.

In addition to increased power generation, he said the Topside Module will significantly eliminate gas flaring from Chevron/NNPC’s assets in fulfilment of government’s gas flaring policy.

“This will attract gas investment opportunities thereby boosting this administration’s effort to diversify the economy from dependence on crude oil proceeds,” he said.

Nigerdock chairman added that the DSO project is a major milestone in government and industry’s quest towards achieving increased local content in the nation’s oil and gas sector.

“In the course of the project, Nigerdock recorded several remarkable achievements leveraging on Nigerian human and material resources, and maintain its commitment to investment in equipment, infrastructure and technology.

“We are truly humbled to play a part in such landmark achievements which will no doubt have a transformative effect on our country.

“However, we believe we can do much more and raise the bar. Nigerdock is prepared to take on even more ambitious projects and we shall not to rest on our laurels but to ensure that Nigerians have something to be proud of.

“We recognise Mr. President and his administration’s goal of economic diversification and are fully aligned to play our own part in making it a reality,” he added.

Nigerdock’s Project Manager, Mr Christian Okoli in his speech said weighing 2,700 tonnes, and with a height of 28 meters, a width of 40 meters and a length of 50 meters, the Topside Module is the largest ever built in-country and significantly achieved by an indigenous company.

He explained that Sonam Topside is the final piece in the set of the structures built by Nigerdock for the project.

Okoli stated that Nigerdock’s scope on the project comprises the construction and load out of flare bridges, flare towers, jacket piles, LQP deck, LQ bridge, the Meren and Sonam Jacket and the Topside Module.

The project manager added that the construction involved 1000-man strong force workforce which expended over 2.5 million man hours without any lost time incidents which was achieved without compromising globally recognised and industry regulated safty standards and objectives.

“In all, a total of 3,268,537 man-hours were expended on the project which has an overall tonnage of 3, 500 tonnes,” Mr. Okoli said.

Acting Managing Director of Nigerdock, Mr. David Murray said: “Nigerdock is proud to have been entrusted with the opportunity to deliver this landmark project. This great achievement would not have been possible without the effort and drive of our very talented workforce which have shown diligence and dedication from the very start of this project.”

Executive Secretary of Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, NCDMB, Mr. Denzil Kentebe said the project marks a major milestone for Nigeria content.

He said aside from NNPC, NAPIMS and DPR supports, NCDMB ýgives Nigerdock 100 percent support for indigenous projects.

Kentebe added that government is working insidiously to bring all stakeholders in the industry on a round table as a matter of urgency to provide solution to the current oil price fall.


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