NGOs, CSOs stage anti-abortion rally in Ilorin ahead of Valentine


A coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), “Anti-Abortion Movement” on Thursday in Ilorin staged a walk to sensitise people against the ills of abortion.

The rally, which started from the Unity road en route Challenge to Post Office and later terminated at the Unity road, was joined by students from some secondary schools in the metropolis.

It was reported that the participants in the walk carried placards with various inscriptions such as “Don’t kill that child, choose life”; “Abortion is killing”; “Abortion: The guilt hurts more than labour”.

“The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion” and “Abortion kills twice, it kills the body of the baby and it kills the conscience of the mother”, among others.

Speaking with our correspondent after the rally, Mrs Light Olubo, the Kwara Coordinator of the Anti-Abortion Movement,  said the programme was specifically organised a day before this year’s Valentine celebration.

Olubo said it was to enlighten the young ones on the need to abstain from sex in the course of the celebration.

Olubo, who said that the rally was the third edition since the movement had come to the state, described abortion as the greatest child abuse in the world.

“Whoever commits an abortion is a murderer. We are here to tell government that abortion should not be legalised.

“Those countries that legalised abortion, like the United States of America, are now regretting it today.

“Many people could not conceive again after the first abortion,” she said.

Olubo, who also is the founder of the Integrity Missions International, condemned those agitating for safe abortion, asserting that there was nothing like such, but a backdoor call to legalise the crime.

She cautioned young boys and girls against having sex, urging them to abstain from it until they were married.

Also , Mr Tony Chukwudili, President, Children Evangelism Ministry International, expressed worries that young people feel the valentine period was a time to offer free sex, whereas they were not prepared for pregnancy.

According to him, aborting such pregnancy is a crime.

He warned that engaging in illicit sex should not be taken for love.

“Abortion brings curse to a nation that does it. Nigerian Government should not legalise it, because South Africa that did is facing the consequences now,” he said.

Chukwudili advised the people, particularly the young ones not to get distracted but face their studies and engage themselves meaningfully.

He, however, advised those with unwanted pregnancies to keep them and take their babies to motherless homes rather than abortion.


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