NERC release grid code for electricity transmission system


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has released a Grid Code for the Nigerian Electricity Transmission System.

According to the body, the grid code and guidelines shall be called the Grid Code for the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry, NESI henceforth referred to as the “Code”.

The Grid Code contains the day-to-day operating procedures and principles governing the development, maintenance and operation of an effective, well-coordinated and economic Transmission System for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

The code is designed to: facilitate an efficient production and supply of electricity for all Users of the Transmission System and TCN itself, without any act of discrimination between Users or class of Users, and facilitate competition in the generation and supply of electricity in the country.

The Electric Power Sector Reform Act, 2005 referred to as the Act, gave legal backing to the unbundling of the Nigeria Power Sector. The Act stipulates the functional unbundling of the Generation, Transmission and Distribution Sectors.

According to Sections 8, 65 and 66 of the Act, NERC said TCN henceforth, will be established and licensed to perform the functions of transmission and system operations of the High Voltage network of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

In applying the Grid Code, NERC said will apply to TCN and Users of the Transmission System.

“TCN shall be responsible for implementation of the Grid Code. All Users, the System Operator, and the Transmission Service Provider shall comply with the Grid Code and assist TCN in this regard. Users must provide all the required information and reasonable rights of access, service, and facilities necessary for the implementation of the Grid Code”.


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