NEMA to rescue stranded Nigerians in Libya


The National Emergency Management Agency has confirmed the authenticity of a video in circulations recently on the social media, in which some Nigerians migrants are stranded in Libya.

Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, the spokesman for the agency in the South-West, said that NEMA had found out that there were no fewer than 400 Nigerians among the stranded migrants shown in the video.

Mr. Farinloye also asserted that the video prompted NEMA to consult the International Organization for Migration, which later found out that the video was authentic and that about 400 Nigerians were among the migrants.

He also said that,  based on the effort, NEMA established that Nigerians were among other migrants who were trying to cross the high sea to Europe but were stranded in Libya.

According to NEMA,  some of the migrants have been contacted and had volunteered to return to the country.

He said they would be brought back to the country in three batches, adding that the first batch of the migrants, comprising 180 persons, including five teenagers and three sick persons, would arrive in the country today (Tuesday).

Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye said, “Based on the report that we saw on the social media that some Nigerians were stranded in Libya, NEMA had to consult the International Organization for Migration and based on enquiry by the IOM and NEMA,

we found out that the video was genuine and in the course of profiling we found that about 400 Nigerians were among those people while other nationals were also there. And based on that effort many of them have volunteered to return to the country”.

“This voluntary return will commence today Tuesday, 14th February, 2017, which will comprises 180 of the Migrants, while another batch of 180 persons will also be received next week Tuesday. We are going to have not less than three batches before the operation is concluded” said NEMA.


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