NASS to block wastage in recurrent expenditure

A member of the National Assembly, Sen. Ali Wakili, said the National Assembly was working on strategies to block loopholes and wastage in recurrent expenditure in the nation’s annual budget.

He said that the measures being worked out were part of efforts of the lawmakers to support the executive in addressing issues of corruption in the country.

Wakili said at the News Agency of Nigeria  Forum in Abuja that little investigation by some lawmakers had revealed that more corrupt practices were currently going on in recurrent budget, not usual capital budget.

“By the Procurement Act, the capital budget has to be taken through a long process for them to be seen.

“But, it was discovered that through the recurrent expenditure there can be many loopholes that people can catch in to do those things.

“We need to reduce wastages from recurrent expenditure.

“Every year you discover that you are buying software for N500 million, then you discover that you are also buying papers for computer for half a billion naira this year.

“The following year you are buying it for N800 million. Where are those previous ones, the ones bought the previous year? So, we need to be up and doing.

“That is why I challenged the members of the national assembly that we need to be meticulous in this issue of oversight.

“We are talking of corruption, there lots of issues in this regard and we must tackle them,’’ he said.

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