N74m expired drug scandal hits Benue


Benue State Ministry of Health says it is planning to destroy about N74.85 million worth of expired drugs in its custody.

Cecilia Ojabo, Commissioner for Health, dropped this hint while speaking with newsmen in Makurdi on Tuesday, saying that she suspected foul play in the purchase of the drugs, meant to benefit someone.

Her words: “I smell a rat in the way and manner the drugs were purchased and observed that those that purchased the drugs did not take into consideration the life span of the drugs”.

Ojabo also stated that while the drugs were purchased in large quantities, the bulk of it was purchased at the twilight of the last administration.

“To come and meet a large quantity of expired drugs, taken away from our pharmacy, anybody would have suspected that it must have been foul play.

I suspect a big contract was awarded to make maximal gains and then people were saddled with expired drugs and if the drugs have a four year life-span we would have still used them in the last two and a half years”.

But these were expired before we came on board and there is nothing we can do with expired drugs as it would endanger the lives of Benue citizens.”

Ojabo was of the view that “Any reasonable persons guided by those on ground before I came in should have advised the government.


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