My life under threat, Police informant cries out


By Toyosi Egbeleye

A middle aged man, who leaked vital information to the police about the criminal activities of oil pipe vandals at Abule Egba, a Lagos suburb has cried out that his life is in danger due to death threat messages he has been receiving from the notorious criminal cartel to his life and his immediate family.

The man who was simply identified as Michael for security reasons now lives in fear because he doesn’t want his life to be wasted by the revenge-seeking oil cartel whose activities are inimical to the economic growth of Nigeria.

According to one of his friends who simply identified himself as Adewale  for security reasons explained that Michael, who is the Managing Director of Michael Richardson integrated Logistics, a Lagos-based company had to withdraw his children (two boys)  from school when he learnt they were being targeted by kidnappers. He said the present location of Michael is unknown as he has been hiding from those trailing him and his family.

“The last time he spoke to me, Michael hinted that he may be forced to seek asylum because he fears for his life” Adewale said

When asked if Michael reported the threat to his life to the police, Adewale replied that his friend,  Michael had reported the matter to the police and the police promised to protect him but the intensity of the threat message made him to run for his dear life.


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