Mustapha Olayiwola Ajelara: Young entrepreneur par excellence


Stories by Sola Sofolahan

Innovators are always successful, though not all are successful, there are some, who are instigators, but these are exceptions.  Moreover, instigators don’t go far and they often last for a while, but if there is any young innovator that has really inspired people through his life and humble beginning and should be celebrated and honoured, that person is Alhaji Mustapha Olayiwola  Ajelara, Chairman/CEO Ajelara 214 Global Links Limited.

In Alhaji Ajelara’s, story one learns that life is a continuum.  Indeed, some men are simply passionate to succeed in life; he belongs to some that strive to excel in life desperate to make life worth-living by using his resources for others.

He was not born into ready-made fortune, but he had to work up his way up there, with providence on his side on a sharp vision, using education as his foundation, hard work as a ladder, integrity and commitment as his hook, he has embossed his name in the hearts of many.  Today he is one of the notable, young and resourceful entrepreneurs.  He is a source of inspiration to all young people and a beacon of joy and pride to Nigeria and Ogun State at large on humanity, touching lives with his resources and wealth creation ideas.

Alhaji Mustapha Ajelara comes from a humble beginning, a native of Sagamu in Ogun State but was born in Mushin Lagos and grew up in Oshodi area of Lagos; his early life was not rosy but a bit rough.  His primary and secondary education was affected by financial challenges but it did not prevent him from continuing his education, his quest for further education took him to Federal College of Education, Osiele Abeokuta, where he obtained NCE, certificate in Business Education, and later proceeded to University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Ajelara has contributed in various ways to the growth of Nigeria’s economy, from oil and gas to hospitality and tourism, commodities, he remains a strong contributor, providing jobs to thousands of Nigerian youths, he has carved a niche for himself.  Alhaji Mustapha Ajelara no doubt, is an entrepreneur par excellence because he is driven by passion to transform the business and economic landscape of Nigeria, with these gestures, a lot of our teeming youths will be taken out off the streets and provide them with jobs.

Recently during an interaction with Nigerian NewsDirect on a way out of the current problem in Nigeria, “either we deregulate or build refineries, if the system is porous, the problem will persist, there is need for the government to flush out some certain bad eggs in the system” he concluded.

There is difference between pointing out a man and knowing him, many who really know Alhaji Ajelara see him as a sensitive hardworking man who loves and cares for the welfare of the people around him, he is an amiable selfless man he is a man of eminent achievements and honourable character.

Another lesson to learn from Alhaji Ajelara’s story is that one should never give up and for people to know that in life, believing in Providence and being focused can lead us to our destiny.  In Mustapher Olayiwola’s life one learns that what will be will be.

214 Globar Bar is a lounge bar located in Apomu via Ifo in Ogun State.  The lounge bar is a bubbling bar that has become the toast of fun seekers in the state.  There are many things to love about this bar, from impeccable service of its attendants, the jockeying skills, of their DJ, the variety of their drinks, the gadgets décor, space both indoor and outdoor, 214 Global bar is on top of the entertainment offerings in Ogun State.

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Alhaji Mustapha Ajelara is no stranger to award-winning; he had bagged several international education professional and media honours, having made a huge success in business and philanthropy.


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