Minister’s son speaks on insecurity, commiserates with victims,families of Boko Haram attacks


Abdulrahman Pantami, the son of the minister of Communications and Digital economy Dr Isa Pantami has joined prominent Nigerians to commiserate with the people and Government of Borno State over the abduction of many women and children, killing of 30 passengers as well as burning of 18 vehicles by Boko Haram fighters.

The attack targeted the village of Auno on a key highway linking to regional capital Maiduguri.The jihadists stormed in on trucks amounted with heavy weapons, killing, burning and looting before kidnapping women and children, state government spokesman Ahmad Abdurrahman Bundi had stated.

The sympathy message over the sad incident again has brought Abdurrahman to the public eye as he demonstrates his humane and caring attributes. This is also against the popular notion that children of highly placed government officials lack sympathy for the lower class and are unpertubed about the problems ravaging the country, He has singled himself out in recent times against the norms of the society.

Abdurrahman in his capacity as a citizen commiserated with victims of insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria and called for collaborative efforts among the citizens in combating terrorism. Since the past decade, Nigeria has witnessed an unprecedented challenge of insecurity in the North-eastern part of the country particularly in Borno state.The state of Borno in our beloved country Nigeria has often being described as  the capital of insecurity due to the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram sect. Many lives and properties have been lost in combatting this dreaded sect.We cannot but state the fact that the level of insecurity though at the peak in time past but better now, has drastically affected the growth and development of that state.

It will be a total mirage if one pretends not to be unaware of the insecurity issues currently beclouding the country.Even the president has identified insecurity as core and detrimental to the economic growth of the country as an unsafe place is totally unfit for business. Hence,the current administration since its onset has taken it as a priority to embark on several measures to combat this menace. This measures thus require the collaborative effort of every citizen.

In light of this Abdul recently met with the Governor of Borno state,Professor Babagana Zulum alongside the Honourable minister of Communications and digital economy and reitrated that the activities of insecurity has played a major role in downplaying the economy of many states in the North eastern part of the country.

He commended the governor for the giant strides he is taking in rebuilding the economy of the state especially as regards education. The governor has in recent months built new educational facilities and paid unscheduled visits to the schools in the area which is in line with the initiative of the United nations that education is an effective tool in combatting the menace of terrorism.

Abdul Pantami also encouraged citizens residing in the Northern part of the country to work together with their state governors to rebuild the economy of the north taking cognizance of the fight against insecurity embarked upon by the current administration.

He added that citizens should make conscious efforts and not attempt to sabotage the efforts of the government.


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