Market women engage in ‘juju’ fight over customers


By Latifa Muhammed

Two market women were engaged in ‘juju’ fight last week in Ntabo road, Sango Ijoko leading to them physically assaulting each other.

The feud according to eyewitnesses was because one of them, Mrs Lawal rented a shop next to her neighbour, Mrs Olayiwola and started selling the same goods.

 The quarrel was said to have started since Mrs Lawal has more customers which led to Mrs Olayiwola’s alledgedly going spiritual.

 Mrs Olayiwola had been selling her goods for the past 3years before Mrs Lawal rented the shop and sell same goods with her.

 According to an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said, “Mrs Lawal doesn’t know she was selling same goods until she bought and packed the goods in the shop. They used to be friends until after four months when Mrs Olayiwola started quarrelling and fighting her,” she said.

 Yemi, one of the market sellers stated that Mrs Olayiwola has always been in a beef since the first day she moved into the shop and the Landlord had resolved the matter between them.

 According to the source, there was a day Mrs Lawal discovered charm in front of her shop with salt sprinkled in a plus sign in the morning and she did not say anything about it.

Then, she did hers too and kept in front of her shop which made them engage in a very long fight tearing their clothes in front of their shops.


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