Man steals car with seven-week-old baby inside


A car that was stolen with a seven-week-old baby in it was recovered safely in Fontana, United States.

The mother of the child told investigators that her baby was sleeping inside the car when she pulled over at a restaurant at 10515 Sierra Ave to get food she had pre-ordered.

The mother said she parked in a handicapped spot and left the car running with the air cooling system on while she went inside to pick up her order.

A man who had been sitting at a table at Chipotle jumped into the car and drove off.

The vehicle headed westbound against traffic before getting out of sight.

The theft was reported at 1:56pm.

However, about 90 minutes later, a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy found the vehicle empty in Norco at Bluff Street and River Road.

The police said the car had been stolen from a Chipotle restaurant in Fontana after the mother carelessly left the keys inside the car.

A witness told the police that a man had exited the vehicle with the baby in his arms and ran up a nearby hill. Police combed the area and found the man with the baby unharmed.

The suspect, 45-year-old, Agabosi Christopher Tanpinu, was released from jail on bail.

The baby has been reunited with her mother after she was checked at a local hospital.


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