Man cries out over attempt to  circumcise  his children


A Middle- aged man and husband of three wives Mr Ajileye Sunday  and her spouses  Mrs Ajileye Muibat Folake,  Ajileye Olaore Omowunmi and Ajileye Olufunke Ayomipo, have urged government and Civil Societies Organisations (CSOs) to save his family from forceful circumcision of his four daughters .

Ajileye Sunday,  who lives in No 2 Olayiwola Salami Street, Gbokoniyi  Abeokuta Ogun State, refused to allow the head of the Family  Chief Ajileye Sesan  to carry out the age -long tradition of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM ) on her daughters .

Consequently , Chief Ajileye Sesan who resides at No 1 Owode Street, Owode Yewa,  Ogun State and some other members of the Ajileye family, despite international outcries and campaigns against the cultural practice , threatened to attack him and his wives if they insist on their stance .

It was learnt that Mr Ajileye Sunday and his three wives, have suffered serial abuse and dehumanisation from some family elders and community leaders.

He recounted that the disagreement with family elders started when his daughters Ajileye Oluwasemilore Grace, Ajileye Adenike Mariam  Ajileye Jumoke Elisabeth, and Ajileye Angelina Blessing were reminded of the cultural practice by his relatives during a family function , which stipulates that  female children  must be circumcised.

He however, disclosed that he managed to convince the family elders and  Chief Ajileye to give him some time to think over it.

“We explained the dangers and risks associated with female genital mutilation, backing our explanation with statistics and journals .

“In the process , some angry youths of the community threatened to attack us for condemning the practice .

“As much as we tried to educate and convince the elders and the youths, our explanations fell on deaf ears, as the elders refused our request for our daughters to be exempted from the cultural practice.


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