‘Malata phones are for today, the future’

Malata phone

Can you tell us about Malata mobile, how the brand evolved and came into the Nigerian market?

Malata Mobile, a subsidiary company of Malata Group, was established in 2004. The Malata group is one of the top electronic enterprises in China that engaged in production of consumer electronic Research and Development (R&D), production and distribution since 1984. Our major industries include digital AV product, Notebook PC and peripherals, GPS navigation device, car multimedia electronics, home appliance, communication and lithium polymer battery.

Over the years, with our advanced facilities and experienced R&D engineering team, we have been working with many world leading OEM/ODM companies and producing mobile devices for them according to their specifications. Over a year ago, we launched a couples of mobile phones into the Nigerian market with our own brand’s name ‘Malata’. Today, I can tell you that those phones are doing well in the market.

So, what has been the level of acceptance of the Malata phones in Nigeria?

The acceptance of the Malata phones has been impressive. Throughout the country Malata phones are doing really good. Our unique business model in Nigeria has really helped us thus far, and we have been able to grab a considerable market share in just a year plus since entering the Nigerian market. Although, we still have growth opportunities and we are expecting the best in the years ahead.

Are all the Malata products in Nigeria certified by SON and NCC?

Yes. Malata Mobile is certified by SON and NCC with the varieties of all our models.

What have been your major challenges, since you entered the Nigerian market?

You know in Nigeria people tend to be inclined towards products that they are familiar with. We encountered challenges as it is with any new brand. There was a perception that Malata sounded like a Yoruba name which is not, but with the experience and strong team, we were able to convince people about that notion. The product itself plays a part because it’s a tangible product everybody can feel and see. That was how people became convinced after a trial that Malata is a good brand to go along with.

Do you have after sale service centre?

Yes, of course. Malata phones come with a 13-month warranty and we already have over five service centres spread across Nigeria. We have in Lagos Kano, Anambra, Abuja and Port-Harcourt with more to be finalised soon. We set up these service centres to assist our customers with professional after sale service support.

There are many mobile phones in the market, what edge does Malata phones have to remain in the market?

Aside the fact that Malata is an android smart phone, people buy Malata phones because they are of high quality, affordable and getting our accessories in the market is as easy as ABC and that has really differentiated us from other brands in the market. Also if you compare the specifications on Malata mobile phones with other brands in relation to price, you will find that Malata gives you a better deal. Remember, I said earlier that Malata manufactures mobile devices for other brands. We have our own production facility and a product testing centre to ensure the quality of our products and with advanced facilities and experienced R&D team, this guarantees the quality of our product and also significantly reduces the cost of production.

How many products do you have in the market currently?

Initially, we entered the market with six brands, but at the moment we have about 10 phones. The latest high end Smart phone we have currently in the market is the Max 4 and Max 5. Others include the M4 and M5 and our feature phones include M100, M200 and M300 among others.

How affordable are Malata phones?

All Malata phones are very affordable. They are pocket friendly and you can find them in all moblile phones retail outlets across Nigeria. You can also get them online stores.

What is your message to your customers?

We want all our customers and phone dealers who have been so supportive of our brand to know that they can rest assured of quality products from Malata. This is a brand that they need to stick to, because it is for today and the future. Also we are committed to helping them resolve any challenges they might encounter because their satisfaction is very key to us as a brand.


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