Makarfi: PDP has capacity to handle challenges of defection


The former National Caretaker Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi yesterday agreed that the recent influx of many notable politicians into the party was a challenge that would be adequately tackled by the party leadership.

Makarfi, a presidential aspirant of the party stated this in Akure, Ondo State capital while speaking with journalists after meeting with state delegates.

The presidential aspirant noted that the party would continue to welcome more people into the party in the spirit of freedom of association.

“There is nothing in this life that has advantage which does not also have its disadvantages. The influx of the people into the PDP posed some challenges but the leadership of the party will handle the challenges.

“Our party needs new members and we appreciate the defection of some members and we appreciate the defection of some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) into our party, but this may come with its own challenges as many of them may also signify intention to contest for political offices. However, the leadership of the party has the wisdom to handle such situation and we won’t allow it to divide us,” Makarfi said.

He said the impeachment of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki would not be possible because it would be difficult to get the required number of senators to vote for his impeachment.

According to Makarfi, those who were crying about the impeachment, did not know the provisions of the constitution.

“I am not surprised with their actions; it shows their ignorance about the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because the constitution is clear about that. If they are familiar with the constitution they will know that they lack the legal powers to impeach the Senate president. I am sure they cannot have the two third majority which the constitution requires for the impeachment of the Senate president. Our members in the Senate are intelligent people who will not give lawlessness a place in the senate.

“The constitution is very clear on the matter and whatever anybody is saying cannot change the provisions of the constitution,” Makarfi said.

The presidential aspirant, who is the former governor of Kaduna State, urged the delegates to consider the performances of all aspirants when voting during forthcoming primary of the party.


He said with the successful handling of the party during the last turbulence when the party was unnecessarily factionalised, he had garnered enough experiences to handle challenges confronting Nigeria.


Makarfi said he rose in support of restructuring when he was the caretaker chairman of the PDP stating that he still believed on the need to restructure various aspects of Nigeria’s polity.


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