LG Consumer-centric, innovative products promoting healthy living


By Ayo Fadimu

The right of an individual to a more healthy living is not negotiable, as such brands should skew their production line towards promoting healthy products and environment for consumers. LG Electronics a leading electronics giant is championing the cause of advocating for innovative solutions that are tailored towards modern lifestyle imbibed with healthy living. It is no longer news that LG has a track record of introducing products designed specifically to help consumers stay healthy.

With the demand of work, raising a family and other obstacles consumers are faced with daily, it is just too much of a burden for most people to count down on their calorie level, make healthy food choices and get to the gym a couple of times a week. The era we are in is the golden age of technology, where consumers can maintain healthy lifestyle without nursing any fear. Electronics giant, LG Electronics has created devices and services to help simplify consumers’ everyday living, and that includes numerous technologies that can help achieve health living.

LG’s lineup of products like the Puricare air purifiers and humidifiers are designed to provide user-centric solutions that improve consumer health and satisfaction. The puricare air purifier is certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and has the ability to remove 99.97% of airborne particles including those as small as 0.3 microns

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said:  “Staying healthy goes to long way to improve consumers’ productivity at work and at home which is very important to us as a company. For us the next step in the expansion of health benefits will be the addition of smart technology to everyday appliances, and LG is incredibly poised to succeed as the market evolves. When multiple products combine they form a safety net that protects users on multiple levels, compounding the individual benefits of each technology- making it easier for users to stay healthy”.

However, the ranges of smart kitchen solutions from LG product lineups are ideal for all categories of chefs irrespective of level be it a professional or amateur to experiment with.  The Lightwave Oven technology presents a lot more flexibility in terms of heating up foods in multiple ways to achieve much healthier cooking experience seamlessly. Not to talk of the LG advanced refrigerator designed specifically to minimize air loss and utilize adaptable compartments to prolong the lifespan of items stored inside. The refrigerator are designed to preserve food for a longer period of time and help the kitchen stay healthy and refreshed.

Moreover, LG has continued to maintain the lead in designing vacuum cleaners with modern technology to perform cleaning exercise with little or no supervision which is quite remarkable. LG’s robotic-driven smart home philosophy is aimed at lowering the barrier of entry often associated with complex smart home ecosystem. Remarkably, CLOiworks in conjunction with the company’s range of health-centric products simplifies housework processes. For instance, LG robotic vacuums Hom-Bot makes it extremely easy for users to clean their homes while away, making it possible for users to maintain a clean and healthy environment always. In particular, LG A9 is the most ergonomic cleaning solution you can find around. Interestingly, its advanced wireless vacuum feature glides smoothly across the floor to ensure that cleaning is done without any form of stress on the user. This obviously would contribute to cleaner and healthier habitation

The advancement in innovative healthy technology is promoting a hassle free world with LG championing it with its ever innovative core technologies. The standardization and innovation of modern technology has made it possible for consumers to now see healthy living as not just systemic but as a way of life worthy of embracing, all thanks to LG Electronics.

Indeed, the world will be a better place if only companies would be emulates what by LG Electronics doing in ensuring that in the process of production the health of the consumers in now factored in to achieve a healthy and greener environment for all. Truly with LG life is always good


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