LG 2016 tech trends: Outlook on futuristic and innovative smart technologies


In 2016 consumers are eagerly seeking to know what technological trends to expect . The questions are myriad but the answers are few; the way out is to look back at current technological innovations and initiatives all aspects of technology which are then used to project what they portends in the near future.

In the consumer electronics business, it is always better to be the trendsetter than the trend-follower. This is because often the first company to make a product popular or to take it into the mainstream can expect to reap the biggest benefits. Leading electronics brands are trying to bring consumers up to speed with imminent technologies, their benefits as well as the significant difference they are expected to make in their day to day lives. One of such companies is LG Electronics with its advanced and far-out products.

This year LG is again poised to impact on the electronics industry on various fronts. Year after year, the company rolls out innovative updates on its most popular products and 2016 will see the debut of more exciting technology than ever before. However, in keeping with the company’s reputation for leadership, the company is also planning to showcase its innovation streak by bringing groundbreaking new products to the market. Long an iconoclast, LG has a history of setting trends, not following them and the company aims to disrupt the business-as-usual mindset that prevails in several key markets.

2016 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for the company, as it looks to integrate the various business areas where the company currently is a player. By uniting these disparate strands, LG aims to make the lives of consumers more modern, trendier, and generally better.

In 2016 it will become very apparent that enriching the lives of consumers is the driving force behind the innovation that the company is constantly engaged in. With so many new products on the way and a renewed emphasis on maintaining the company’s status as a trendsetter, 2016 will prove to be a year where the company makes an even larger impact on quality of life worldwide.

LG has historically been a trendsetter and this knack for trendsetting is poised to continue into 2016 and beyond. Given the company’s ability to track exactly consumers want, LG’s user-centric philosophy of product design ensures that LG products constantly evolve to appeal to consumers in new and interesting ways. This has helped the company become a pioneer across the electronics industry, most notably in TVs, refrigerators and washing machines, where new technology or new designs were introduced, creating important new industry benchmarks.

In 2016 LG will focus on remaining a trendsetter. By making new applications of technology more accessible to the masses, the company has positioned itself to forge a more significant presence, changing the market completely, and causing other companies to follow in its wake.

In the coming year, LG OLED TV will become more affordable for the everyday consumer. Since OLED’s debut, analysts and tech media alike have marveled at the display format’s perfect blacks, its ability to create lifelike images and highly realistic color palate. But because OLED is still relatively new, the manufacturing cost and purchase price has been cost prohibitive for the great majority of consumers. But now that proper infrastructure is in place, LG OLED TV is primed to break the 2000 dollar barrier. The company announced in October that it was ready to take OLED into the mainstream. While 2000 dollars is still relatively expensive for a TV, LG’s slashing of prices by 30 to 45 percent underscores the progress that the company has made in OLED production.

Whenever new technologies or new formats of existing technologies hit the market, price tends to be the chief factor that determines whether the new product is relegated to novelty status or enters the mainstream. Now that it rivals LCD in price, OLED will undoubtedly be the format of the future. OLED displays are already superior to everything currently available, and now the technology will reach middle class consumers and proliferate at levels consistent with high-end TVs. As further advances are made, the price will continue to decline, maybe even next year we’ll be promoting OLED TVs that are available for under $1000.

LG is setting trends on the display front, as in 2016 several competitors will finally follow LG’s lead into the OLED market. LG’s status as an OLED pioneer gives the company a significant leg up on the upstart competition and has allowed for it to lay the foundations for domination of this rapidly emerging market well into the near future.

But simply because OLED TV is becoming more mainstream does not mean that LG will stop innovating. The coming year will see HDR move out of its infancy and make further strides towards becoming the industry standard. With HDR, TVs can display an incredibly wide dynamic range of brightness, greatly enhancing color contrast ratio and making OLED’s perfect blacks appear even blacker. As HDR continues to gain a foothold in the market, consumers will become more aware of the technology and start to demand it en masse.

In fact, by 2019 global shipments of HDR TVs are predicted to exceed 32 million, a clear indicator that the technology will have increasing appeal over the next few years. It is clear that as markets develop a taste for HDR on OLED TVs, the company will stand to benefit greatly as it is light years ahead of the competition when it comes to the infrastructure in place that’s necessary to meet this demand. TV is about to take an Armstrong-like giant leap in 2016.


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