LCCI, stakeholders’ quest for secure business atmosphere


By Ayobami Abdullahi

The Lagos Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) in conjunction with stakeholders are poised to secure business atmosphere in the country.

At a dialogue session tagged “security meet business” event in Lagos, stakeholders deliberate on the state of security in the country and it effects on the private sector.

The forum brings together security chiefs, leaders of private sectors and members of the diplomatic corps  to discuss on issue of security and its effect on business

LCCI president, Mrs. Nike Akande, said, “in recent year, the country has been grappling with bordering on terrorism, religion and ethnic crisis attack in oil installation, kidnapping, armed robbery, attacks by herdsmens.

“The impact of these security challenges on business is phenomenon.  Not much investment activities are taking place in the north east part of the country, perhaps to a lesser degree, in some other parts of the country.

“The oil and gas sector is facing serious challenges on attack on oil installations and the effects have been very profound on the country. The attacks by the herdsmens on farming communities across the country have significant effects on agriculture activities.

“There is also a serious perception problem that the security phenomenon has created for Nigeria in the global community,” she added

Chief of defence staff, Gen. Abayomi Oloni osakin, said, “the role of government as enshrined in the constitution is to provide the enabling environment for the citizens to go about their lawful occupation in a peaceful and secure atmosphere.

“It is therefore contingent upon the security agencies and captains of industries/ business concerns to regularly dialogue to find a conducive way forward towards achieving  this objective.

“The deployment of the armed forces of Nigeria, consisting of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian air force for any internal security operations in support of the paramilitary agencies is constitutionally vested in the president and commander in chief of the armed forces.

“Accordingly, they currently have a lot of joint operations all over the country in support of civil authorities, some of the major operations include operation Lafiya Dole in the north east, operation safe heaven in jos and its environs, operation awatse in the south west and operation Delta  safe in the south south region, there are other much small scale operations in the north central and south eastern parts of the country to tackle the problems of Fulani herdsmen and cattle rustlers.

“All these operations are geared towards restoring law and order and creating an enabling and conducive environment for business and industries to thrive, inline with the constitutional provision for military to come to the aid of civil authorities and civil power. The military formations are strategically deployed in all parts of the country to reduce the response time before the threats will get out of hand,” he said

He added that instability within the population can be a major cause of threat to industries and business due to socio economic factors.

He also said insecurity exists where there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, insecurity can also arise where there is no level playing field  for the working class or there is no equitable distribution of resources between communities, leading to political agitations and thus instability.

“Insecurity will always exist where you have of illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and hopelessness,” he added.


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