LASG warns Lagosians to keep off collapsed building site land


By Dada Jackson

The Lagos State Government has again warned Lagosians to keep off all collapsed building site lands until necessary scientific tests are carried out and investigation concluded to determine why such building gave way.

Speaking during a meeting with newly posted five divisional Heads and the monitoring officers of the agency , the General Manager of Lagos State Building Control Agency,  Engr. Nurudeen Olalekan Shodeinde  warned Lagosians that building collapsed site land is not safe for habitation and dangerous for any human activities until necessary soil tests are carried out to determine the extent of the damage and pressure on such land.

According to him, all   the   collapsed buildings   were   sealed   having    been served   all   necessary statutory notices that the buildings were not safe for habitation, but the seal were broken and illegal construction/renovation were conducted, the monitoring officers sealed the building again to carry out further enforcement but the owners of the buildings mobilized hoodlums and broke the government seal to carry out their nefarious and illegal activities before the buildings gave way.

Sodeinde  said that the agency would henceforth, employ the full weight of the law to deal decisively with any unscrupulous   elements that   violate   the   state   building   control   laws.

The LASBCA  helmsman reiterated the state government’s commitment to zero tolerance to building collapse in the state.

The General Manager further said that for the state to be totally free of incessant building collapse that claim lives and properties worth millions of Naira, owners and developers should employ the services of qualified professionals who will provide relevant skill and expertise on such project before embarking on the construction.

He added that people have shown disregard for the state laws on building construction in the past with the resultant effect being worrisome.

Shodeinde stressed that before you go on developing your building in the state now you must obtain all the necessary building permits, speak to safety commission and test your building materials subject to the type of structures you are putting in place to make the building safe and secure for habitation, this he said would go a long way to preventing occurrence of building collapse in the State.

Consequently, the state government has erected a keep off signpost in the entire collapsed building   sites in the   state   in   order to   safeguard   the lives   of   the   people   around   the   area.

He concluded that any trespasser on the land, owners and developers of the collapsed buildings will be prosecuted by the State law enforcement agents.


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