Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway,nightmare of motorists, passengers


Story by Rebecca Adesina

The residents and motorists of Iyana Ilogbo Sango area called on the Ogun State government to provide palliative measures by filling the deep potholes around Lagos – Abeokuta Expressway

The residents claimed that the potholes on the Federal Government road were causing serious traffic gridlock on the road, especially during rainy season.

A commuter who spoke with Nigerian NewsDirect said that even though many of them leave home as early as 5am, they usually find it difficult getting to Ikeja-Along or Oshodi early enough to meet up with their official appointments due to the traffic jam.

Drivers plying the road also claimed that the failed portions of the road had contributed to damage on their vehicles, as some of the bad portions are deep enough to take a vehicle wheel.

Mr Olowoyo, a resident of Ijako, called on the Federal Government to mandate the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to, as a matter of urgency visit the Lagos Abeokuta Expressway and rehabilitate the failed portions.

He also added that “instead of the government patching the road, I will advise them to once and for all reconstruct the road from Ajegunle to Ifo.”

Another resident who simply identified himself as Rotimi, claimed that the condition of the road was not only wasting the time, but also damaging their vehicles.

Rotimi , a commercial driver said, that “ the road has spoilt again and it has added to the time that we are supposed to drive as drivers.”

He, however, called on the Ogun State government to consider the residents of the state and do something fast before the Federal Government decided to reconstruct the road.

According to motorists who spoke with our correspondent, said the gridlock lasted for several hours, with the traffic stretching from Ifo to Oshodi on the ever-busy Lagos-Abeokuta expressway.

This aptly captures the ordeal that commuters and motorists go through every day on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway. Unfortunately the situation is worsened by reason of the fact that alternative routes in Lagos are no better, especially with respect to the condition of the roads.

For instance, the long stretch of roads from Oshodi to Iyana Ipaja are very bad and have over time become a nightmare to both commuters and motorists who have continued to lament over this every day.

The situation has been blamed for the frequency at which many office workers now arrive late to their offices. Most affected are those who live in Sango-Ota.

As at now, fares have increased beyond measures as a trip from Oshodi to Sango-Ota now attracts between N250 and N350 depending on the size of the vehicles, especially at the peak periods.

Imagine how long it takes one to get to the office and back home everyday with all the suffering,” lamented one commuter.


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