Kogi is operating democratic monarchy designed to fail – Dr. Barnabas


…people must rise up to stop the gangsters.

…Audu pledged prosperity for Kogi, Bello aborted it – Omale

By Isah Idris, Abuja.

A university don, Dr. Sulaiman Barnabas, an indigene of Kogi State has lamented the pathetic state of the Kogi as undesirable and tasked every concerned individual citizen to rise up and change their narrative by changing the crop of gangsters in governance of the state.

Doctor Suleiman Barnabas, a lecturer of a University based in Abuja made this known during the visit by Admiral Usman Jibrin, a foremost aspirant for the governorship of Kogi state to APC Secretariat for purchasing of his Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms at the All Progressive Congress Party Secretariat on Monday in Abuja.

Doctor Suleiman Barnabas said the right leadership to bail out the state from seeking deeper into deterioration and state of anarchy in the current dispensation is a man of vision and velour like Admiral Usman Jibrin.

Barnabas said, “My interest is the interest of the people of Kogi state. What is happening in Kogi state can be described as ‘Democratic Monarchy’ in the sense that the current persons who occupy the seat of power inherited it. And just like any form of monarchy, inherited resources has never been managed well so, Governor Yahaya Bello has actually failed to address the needs of the people”.

“And at this time, irrespective of political party, irrespective of tribe, we need to rally round someone who has the capacity to provide leadership to the people of Kogi state and that is why, as an indigene of Kogi state, I see myself as a stakeholder to make sure the right leadership is put in place”.

Dr Barnabas stressed that at this critical virus infested state of Kogi state, only a man with capacity, experience and doggedness is the better alternative, assuring that there is no basis of comparison between Admiral Jibrin Usman and Governor Bello or anyone, as somebody who manages a transport company and someone who has managed prestigious Nigerian Navy are polls apart. I don’t think there is anybody who would doubt Jibrin Usman’s capacity, not even Governor Bello’s supporters. So, I believe Usman represent the kind of leadership we need at this critical time to salvage the horrible situation the state is undergoing.

“If we must ask what is the responsibility of leadership. The Nigerian Constitution stated clearly that the essence of governance is to protect the lives and property of the people; it is to provide for the welfare of the people. As we have in Kogi today, poverty is seen very visibly because workers are not paid their salaries, pensioners are not paid their pension, and there is gangsterism, some cult boys calling themselves leaders in power and that is what we are having in Kogi state”.

“So, all you have is poverty, poor leaderships, hunger and all forms of gangsters you can think of. Go to Kogi state University, Anyigba today, what you have there is a glorified secondary school where Corps members serves as lecturers, teaching final year students. So, any reasonable person who meant well for the people of Kogi state, irrespective of their political party, irrespective of their tribe, irrespective religion, you  must do everything possible to see that there is change in leadership.

According to Barnabas, the man sitting there is very incompetent, not because of his tribe or his age but because didn’t mean well for the state and he has failed. So, he shouldn’t for whatever reason be allowed to come back as Kogi State governor again.

‘My message to Kogites is that they should respond to the dictates of their conscience that leadership can only be better, leadership is not about accumulation of wealth. How many houses did Bello has at 2015 and how many has he now and I am even privy to some of them. How many cars was Edward Onoja using in 2015? You go to his house today; he walks like demy god with chains of cars. Now, what is the basis of his achievement? None but it was on the bases of his appointment and because of that, you lord yourself on the people? Now Kogi state deserves better leadership and I think Bello is an aberration as far as leadership is concerned.”

“On Governor Bello’s claims of project development, I always go to Lokoja. Look at the road between Ganaja juction up to Commissioners Quarters and proceeding to Ganaja village, what you see is a horrible sight and if you go there, you will weep for Kogi state. So, is o k for politicians to be defensive and that is what he is doing. It’s o k for him to accumulate our money and spay around for people who are ready to sell their conscience, sell their destiny and destiny of their children to go around propagating for what does not exists. In 2018 he has a budget he said he built Ganaja Flyover. You go there and see if there is anything like flyover today. So, we must change the government of lies that lies to the people. Like I always say, you can hind wealth but you cannot hide poverty, poverty is a disease everyone can see so, you can’t hide”.

In the same development, the immediate past member of the Federal House of Representative, Hon. Hassan Omale who represented Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Constituency of Kogi state said the pool of supporters of Admiral Usman Jibrin to the APC Secretariat is to usher in a new dawn which involves the collection of the nomination forms by Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin.

“I was one of the founding members of the APC  in the state and the reason for forming the party was to change the party in power as at then. The party has the agenda of paying the worker 100 percent of their salaries and when Late Price Abubakar Audu went to all the 21 LGAs pledging that he will pay the state workers their 100 salaries, I was there with him but of course today, it is a different thing in Kogi state. Like our principal said, of all the promises we gave to the people of the state, we have not been able to redeem any of them under this administration which is the more reason we need to change this government and we have gotten somebody who can do it for us”.

“By his military background if he said he will do something he will do it by the advice of those clot of people around him but all those clothing around Governor Bello, they are not politicians. If he had carried politicians in the state along, he would have performed but regrettably, he is a failure by all standards.


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