Knights Tasks Parents on Family Values


Mr Diamond Ovueraye, the Acting Supreme Knight of the Order of the Knight of Saint Molumba Nigeria (KSM) has called on parents to train their children to imbibe family values for the betterment of the society.

Ovueraye said this at a news conference to herald the forthcoming Supreme Council Convention, themed: “Family Values, Human Rights and the Challenges of Modernisation in Nigeria” at St Leo Catholic Church, Ikeja Lagos.

He said that parents had the obligation to set good examples for their children, pray for them and lead them in the way of God.

According to him, both the good and bad in the society are products of homes.

“The training of children is a responsibility, which bestows certain obligations on the home, school and government, and each of them has their roles to play.

“It’s unfortunate today that those family values that helped us when we were young are being eroded; everybody, including the church, school and the home need to wake up.

“The economy has become so bad that parents hardly have time to check on the behaviour, attitude and lifestyle of their children because of the struggle to be financially relevant.

“Some parents go to work before the children wake up and come back when the children are asleep, they do not have the time to organise family,” he said.

Ovueraye said family values had been eroded and human rights basterdised under the ambiance of modernisation in Nigeria.

“We note that with the prevailing influence of modernisation, children have suddenly turned their backs on values inherited from their parents.

“In the wake of modern aesthetics, women and children are claiming human rights in defiance of community and societal advice,” he said.

According to him, human rights, which was originally conceived to protect vulnerable persons in the society, especially women, has now been relegated to feminist thoughts.

He said this has been done to the extent that young and unmarried women see feminism as a strong basis for challenging existing status quo in the society.


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