Kiss Daniel signs with Hennessy


by Sylvester Kwentua

Hard work pays indeed! The “Mama” crooner, Kiss Daniel has been onthe music scene for a while now rocking it slowly but steadily. Newshas it that the singer had been doing music in the background for five

long years before his final emergence into the spotlight.

Ever sincethen, he has impressed Nigerians with his unique style of music andhis non-controversial lifestyle. Never for once has he been involvedin anything unlikely; at least not yet.

All the while, the G-Worldwide act has been trying his best to keepcoming up with hits for the listening pleasure of his fans. He’s beenstaging performances in and out of Nigeria and making cool cash for

himself. But then, he was yet to join the chain of singers who do not only generate revenue from album sales and shows alone but fromendorsement deals as well. The tides have however changed for the

singer, as he has now made the list.

Kiss Daniel has finally had his first endorsement deal, and he did so with Hennessy, who also signed Timaya recently. The deal is rumoredto be a multi-million naira deal, which is to likely boost the

singer’s financial status by 100%. His fans are so happy for him now that he just signed his very first endorsement deal. More blessing for Kiss Daniel, we pray.


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