Is Wizkid in love?


As much as we know, Wizkid and Justice Skye are together. Maybe not a great deal. But, at least, there’s something going on with the two. To further prove the possibility of the two being deeply involved, some sort of jealousy had to come into the picture. We all know Wizzy to be a man of the ladies. Folks are already wondering why he’s taking too long to introduce a new bae to the world.

Well, it seems like love has got a whole of him! I’d like to think so. But from all indications, the “unnamed thing between Wizkid and Justine Skye is strong enough to call for jealousy, which it sure did, when Starboy decided to chill with some other chicks. He posted a picture of himself in bed with two hot girls on both sides rocking his body and tagged it in President Buhari’s voice saying; “Ladies love zaddy,” “In zaoza room,” and “Tell your friend to come too.”

On seeing that post, Justine Skye dropped by Wizkid’s comment area to respond with a string of emojis that didn’t seem to be signaling approval in any way. As a matter fact, it could be deduced that the girl wasn’t okay with Wizkid’s act with the other girls, as her emojis depicted #anger, #confusion, and #tears. Hmm. Fans had warned her to break Baba Nla’s heart. But it appears Baba Nla is in the process of breaking hers.


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