Inglorious exit of geriatric Robert Mugabe


An English adage says: “An actor quits the stage when the ovation is loudest. Conversely, an actor also should quit the stage when his action is widely condemnable, reprehensible and loudly deafening; such is the case with ex-Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

After much heat and pressure coupled with worldwide condemnation of his governance over the years and no more tentacles to cling on to, ex-President Robert Mugabe penultimate week, capitulated to his countrymen and women by relinquishing power, albeit unwillingly.

Much earlier on, the country’s military ostensibly tired of his tyrannical tendencies and posture overthrew him and placed him under house arrest. Undaunting, unmoved, he continued with his belligerent posture, saying only death could remove him and that he preferred to die in Zimbabwe than outside. He even wanted to co-opt his wife into his government much to the country’s citizens’ displeasure. Maybe, by having a rethink, he ungracefully handed over his resignation letter at a time his own party, the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) was full of condemnation of his rule.

 Mugabe became president in 1980 having been touted the oldest serving president on the universe. His reign had been riddled with unbridled tyranny and brazen hostility. He had tinkered with the constitution a number of times to remain in power for as long as God knows or as he wished but his countrymen and women said “Enough is enough” and they began to show their anger and resistance, demonstrating on the streets telling him to leave the government. The army struck and shoved him out and still unrelenting, the country was virtually shut down with the economy brutally battered while poverty loomed nationwide in the country. Mugabe had no option than to bow out  before he started picking dead bodies on the streets but to stem this unfortunate scenario, world leaders, continued to put pressure on him to leave when the ovation was loudest, typical of African rulers not wanting to leave – sit-tight syndrome.

Mugabe had done some incalculable damage to the economy and had widely dehumanized the citizenry. Hunger is widely prevalent everywhere.

Now that Mugabe is out of the scene, it strongly behoves the new President, Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa to take the bull by the horns to salvage first the battered economy and the battered citizenry. Not much is known about him socially and politically, but as a rookie since fate has catapulted him to a position of prominence, he should seek and utilize the advice of world leaders and his citizens to succeed in office. It is no gainsaying the fact that Zimbabwe’s economy is in a shambles. This should be his first priority to stem the ravaging poverty in the land. He should make use of the country’s technocrats and brains for optimum results. He should restore people’s confidence in him.

By all standards, Zimbabwe is still an underdeveloped country willfully ravaged by Mugabe’s tenure. Much has been destroyed during his reign. We, therefore, passionately appeal to wealthy countries – Britain, United States and others – to help the incumbent president in terms of aids and technical know-how bail Zimbabwe out of this rot Mugabe had foisted on hapless Zimbabweans currently.

Never again should Africans allow the vulture called Mugabe and his prospective ilk to pauperize and ravage them typical of sit-tight African leaders.

We finally commend the Zimbabweans’ doggedness and resolution to remove Mugabe from power however long it lasted while praying for his successor’s health and divine wisdom to steer the ship of state successfully in the face of extreme provocation, they had been subjected to by Mugabe’s misgovernance.

We doff out hats to them and wish them to continue in their doggedness and uprightness in their future struggle against brutal leaders. In the same vein, we salute Zimbabwean army for not hastily killing Mugabe which result can easily plunge the nation into another crisis which end would have been unpredictable.





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