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Sadiq Ahmad Usman just  like most fortunate Nigerian child got the best life can offer from good parenting to good education with so much love. His mother was one of the pace setter of the Girl Child Education in Nigeria, an educationist, whom Sadiq refered to as a rear gem. Before she passed on in 2013, Sadiq, an IT guru and consultant got her permission to embark on a nationwide tour,  assisting those who must have found themselves on a familiar terrain, a journey he embarked on some years ago, but was lucky to come out of it when he discovered it was a journey of complete hopelessness.

Sadiq Ahmed Usman considers himself very lucky, taken into consideration that he comes from a background of great affluence. He had everything working for him , he was born with a silver spoon. He attended the best schools in the country  While in secondary school, due to peer pressure and wanting to belong that he found himself on the terrain of drug consumption, this he did for a year, until he suddenly woke up from what he considers, a slumber.

Though not addicted for the period his sojourn with drugs lasted , Sadiq started from cigarette smoking, Sadiq, a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Maiduguri eventually  went into hard drugs and was known by friends and who were in it, in Kaduna and environs. Interestingly, he was so clinical in his new found hubby that his parents had no inkling of his drug escapades for the one year it lasted. He played smooth and clean. He however woke up one day, when he discovered the devastating effects of it all. By this time many of his fellow abusers had ended in disaster, some were completely mad, some others died, or ended up as patients in psychiatric homes. Sadiq an IT guru and consultant  who considers himself very lucky is all out on a mission to rescue as many as are still deep in drugs and needs help; From prevention to how parents can know when their wards are in it and the remedy, are all what he has chronicling in his forth coming book, entittled Drug Sensation. Sadiq said he is using the book to assist parents and those addicted, knowing full well that if he can come out of it after one year, there is hope for those who believe they are in a hopeless situation.

  His journey into Drugs

  His journey into drug started when his school godfather in the boarding school  introduced him into the consumption of drugs. “I was never forced into it but we always see them as our role models ” .  Speaking on his  growing up, Sadiq said he was very brilliant and full with big dreams, ” I am very brilliant while growing up.  I was a boy with big dreams. I always wanted to be an agent of change ” . Drugs brought the euphoria that makes him feel he was already living his dreams, taken into consideration his new status in school “With such disposition, people wanted to relate with me. I graduated from cigarettes to drugs. All these while, my parents did not suspect anything. I kept it smooth and clean while it all lasted. At a point in time, the lifestyle was no longer appealing. Nobody actually preached to me to stop ,  but it got to a stage when I told myself the game is up . “I stopped completely. The biggest deception about drug abuse is the thought that it amplifies the inner you. But it tells you many lies ” By the time he discovered the world of lies, it was then his advocacy against drug started.” I tried to convince some of the boys I started with to stop it, some agreed, others refused. Some  even ran away from me.

 My Growing Up

 I thank my parents for giving me the best education any child can dream of. I attended American-owned nursery and primary schools in Kaduna State  He also attended. Essence international School,Kaduna,,Zamani College,Kaduna, including ,Gray’s College of Science and Information Technology. Sadiq went further to the University of Maiduguri, studied  Sociology and Anthropology. He went further to advance his skills on IT at, Informatics institute ,Kazaure, where he armed himself with a diploma and advanced diploma in software engineering. Later went to advance further at NIIT Kaduna, Sadiq is a Microsoft certified professional,, a certified system engineer, Sadiq is also a first material from Shobhit University (Indian university) Accra where he graduated with .1st class.  He is currently the  Executive Director trend tech limited. , incidentally, it was in Kaduna state his drug ordeal started.

Essence of the Book Drug Sensation

Sadiq said, the whole essence of his coming out with his book, drug sensation is to change lives and let those who need help in this direction know where they can get help as he also intend  putting up an NGO in place with specialists to assist  people come of their problems or trauma as the case might be.  “For me , I want to make the desired impact to save generations. I know what I went through and the sacrifice I ‘m making. considering the  stigma . I’m all out for this as the NGO will be in place with specialist to people. It does not end with the book launch.. When asked if it won’t affect his future ambitions in life, his response,   . “Interestingly, I am not aspiring to be governor or President in the future because I detest the kind of politics we practise in this country today. However, I must confess that it took me several months to make up my mind because I was scared of the implication on my parents. No parent would like people pointing at their child derogatorily. Speaking further he said, ” for months I thought of how best to document my drug experiences in book form. I was in that state of quagmire until I approached my late mother , to  know her feelings and perhaps get her blessing to write a book on drug abuse. She jumped from the bed and told me she would be the happiest mother on earth reading such book from me. That was the biggest encouragement I needed to start off with” . When asked if he had thought of the dangers involved, taken into consideration that he will run drug dealers out of business, against, Sadiq who must sleep and woken on his mission, and must have done all the cross examinations that needed be done, has this to say, “What I am undertaking is risky and I want protection from government. However, if I die trying to save a generation, I will be a fulfilled person.”

On His Mother

I owned so much to my late mother, whom I considered a rear gem, and another, who  believes so much in me and is willing to go with me all the way, most people will meet him on the day of the launch of this book, a father to all and a humanitarian with  a vision and God’s given purpose which he has used to the development of  mankind. My mother, Hajiya Rabi Bobboi Ibrahim, One of the founders of the Girl Child education in Nigeria, was an educationist. She was a Chief Lecturer at Kaduna Polytechic, She was in Federal Government Service for 30 years. She died on the line of duty, while serving this great Nation.

Insight into the book

For Sadiq, the biggest motivation is the saying that no experience is complete without treasuring it in a documented book form to serve generations yet unborn. Describing the book as solution to drug abuse, he said; “The title of the book is Drug Sensation. It is segmented into volume one and two. I separated it to avoid making it bulky and scary to readers. Giving an insight into the book, sadiq has this to say, “The content highlight is to parents ,  to watch out for as early signs in their child or children who are about to indulge in drugs. Even if they miss the early signs, there are also solutions to handle the addiction regardless of how critical the stage might be.

“The book will also educate addicts on how to live a drug-free life and how to overcome stigmatisation. More importantly, the book contains a whole glossary of known and unknown drugs finding their way into this country.

Sadiq is also working with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to know if the propsed  June 26, 2017, ,  date for the launch of the book will be possible. Sadiq and others of his committee working on the realization of the book picked that date because it is the International Day for Drugs and Illicit Substances.. In addiction to the book, there is also  a video documentary of the book being worked on by award winning documentary producer . Also expected at the launch of the book are high imminent personalities. Sadiq concluded by saying” “I ‘m doing this not for myself but to save and rescue the up coming generations  and to save lives. He however pleaded with Nigerians to please join him in the crusade and encourage him all the way instead of seeing him as a sacrificial lamp that should be ignored or stigmatise  as you never can tell who might be the next victim. He however extends his gratitude to Edge Max and Trend Tech for also believing in his vision and coming this far with him.


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