Ilaro Poly holds 40th anniversary in Oct.


….honours Alaafin with fellowship award

Bankole Taiwo, Abeokuta

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun state, Dr Olusegun Olanrewaju Aluko has said that plans are in top gear to roll out drum from October 9 to 16 to celebrate the enviable attainment of the federal institution and contributions to the human capital development of the country in the last four decades.

The one week event which would feature the 19th convocation of the school would also saw the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi bagging fellowship award of the polytechnic.

Dr Olusegun Aluko gave this hints at a press briefing held recently at the school to abreast members of public of the forthcoming celebrations

The Rector has however regretted that most unemployed graduates are products of university because they lacked the vocational skill that have been incorporated into the polytechnic education. This he affirmed was a huge advantage of polytechnic education over that of the university.

The Rector regretted that majority of the Polytechnics in Nigeria had lost focus and the essence of their establishment lamenting that the controversies over the supremacy of BSc holders over HND graduates had significantly impacted negatively on the essence of polytechnic education.

According to him, Polytechnic graduates and University graduates are not supposed to be competing for the same employment but for the dearth of industries and manufacturing companies in Nigeria which he said had further contributed to the unemployment rate in the country. 

His words, “The way Polytechnic education is structured is for the graduates of Polytechnics to be able to use the skills they have acquired to create wealth for themselves but Nigeria is just dodging but we will still come back to it.”

“We are talking about unemployment but when we say unemployment, the percentage of those that are unemployed are those that are university graduates and the problem is that they have no skill.”

“Majority of the small scale entrepreneurs in the country today are graduates of the Polytechnic and that is the essence of Polytechnic education.”

“In the past people don’t work in government establishments, all of them wanted to work in factories and industries because they know that when you are working in the industries, you earn more than when you are working with government.”

“But the problem of Nigeria is that all those industries have collapsed so where we (Polytechnic and University graduates) are not supposed to be competing, we are now competing but I know that Nigeria will rise again and that is when Nigeria will see the essence of Polytechnic education,” Aluko said.

The Rector also charged Polytechnic graduates to make good use of the skills acquired in schools to create wealth instead of searching for white collar jobs that are no longer existing.

Speaking on HND and BSc dichotomy, Aluko said, “Polytechnic graduates should not loose sleep over this because with the skills they have acquired in the Polytechnic, coupled with entrepreneurial education, there is no way they won’t find something doing.”


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