I want to empower Youths — Prophet (Dr) Abiara


General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide, Prophet (Dr) Samuel Kayode Abiara speaks in his interview with seleer journalists on his proposed retirement, peace and empowerment of youths in Nigeria among other issues. Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Dr Samuel Ibiyemi and Dare Raji were there.Excerpts

Why retiring at this time, when your services are still needed?

Many organizations have their constitution and CAC being an organization that is unique have its own constitution. When you clock 75 years in CAC, you are expected to retire. But as for me, I am not retiring from God’s work until I die. For the office of CAC General Evangelist, I am retiring because I have reached the mandatory age. Before I became the General Evangelist and having been involved in God’s work, they saw in me the skills and talents and that was I was chosen. Even after retirement as the CAC General Evangelist, I am still available to all churches that need my service.


What were your experiences in office as General Evangelist of CAC?

During the 10 years that I used in office, no regret despite all the challenges. I did not have quarrel with my president and boss because I am a man of peace and they love me. My tenure was peaceful.

What would be your word of advice to the new General Evangelist?

My advice to him is to look into the Bible before saying any prophesy. He should listen to the authority of the church. He shouldn’t do anything on his own. He must carry the authority along while working.

When did you actually join CAC and how did you choose your successor?

I have been in CAC since 1963. I have no regret joining them. I have not deviated from the doctrines. Concerning the choosing of my successor, it is by the constitution and the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. There are certain qualities that must be put into consideration before appointing a person into the office, such as the age and the level of his education.

As an Apostle of peace, how can peace be sustained in the church?

During my days in office, I enjoyed peace and for you to enjoy peace you must look into the Bible. In the olden days, during the time of the prophets like Moses and David, they checked the Bible before going to war and taking decisions.

Interim and Supreme

God has made everything okay. Before the end of the year, the church will come back as one body again. It is not a strange thing because even politicians defect from one party to another.

What do you have to say about your successor?

There should be no controversy over his age. What is important is the leading of God and the choice of authority.

Josiah was 8 years old when he reigned as King in the Bible. Age should not be a barrier to leadership of the church of God since the authority has approved it. Come December 31st I will officially retire and a new General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah will resume office.

At 75, what would you say were your achievement?

My greatest achievement is winning souls for Christ and helping people especially the less privilege. After my retirement, my aim is to establish Abiara Divine Foundation whereby the young, old and the less privilege people will be empowered to live a meaningful life. Come Saturday, I will donate foodstuffs and clothes to the people. God has given me uncommon favour and that uncommon favour I want people to be partakers. The wealthy people should also learn to leave a legacy behind.

What would be your advice to government?

We should thank God for appointing them into office. They should be careful so that division would not come among them because in unity we stand and divided we fall. They shouldn’t allow quarrels and argument to divide them. They should use the money they recover from corruption to empower the youth of this country because when they are empowered they will desist from crime. Nigeria is very rich and they can empower the youth to live a meaningful life.

What are the activities to mark the anniversary?

From Wednesday, People will gather to praise God and all top pastors including Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Adeboye will be there to witness the occasion and they will preach on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The reason for inviting them is to rejoice and praise God on my behalf.

How would you assess President Buhari administration?

We must thank God for President Buhari administration. We as a church organized prayer session for him during the period he took ill. President Buhari is trying. He has been able to subdue Boko Haram and wage war against corruption even though corruption may never end until Jesus come. If his strength can carry him and his party allows him to rerun, then he should contest.

What more do you have in mind to say?

Government should make people happy. They must not allow division to come upon them. People should not listen to prophesy of doom. Nigeria is God’s own land. Year 2018 will be a year of peace and happiness. Christmas should be celebrated in a humble way. People should humpble themselves especially during this festive period and New Year celebration. Wealthy people should not forget to assist the less privilege. God bless Nigeria.


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