Huawei Kunlun Server delivers top class solution – MD


By Bukola Olanrewaju and Bakare Idris

A leading technology innovation company, Huawei has launched a new server, Kunlun, to deliver top class Internet solution for business use.

This was revealed at the product launch tagged “Revolutionizing IT: The Huawei Perspective held in Lagos.

According to the organization, the need to improve operational efficiency, user experience and to discover new opportunities have been the three core drivers of digital transformation in Huawei.

Leveraging on technology, the organization noted Kunlun is specially designed for future relevance.

“We are aware technology is constantly revolving and customers yielding is growing at a faster and wider rate. Kunlun server is built in a way that will still be very much relevant in the future even as technology adoption is changing the face of a lot of things”.

Speaking at the event with Nigerian NewsDirect, the Managing Director/CEO, Sunnet, Mr Paul Olagunju explained that Huawei Kunlun server delivers an enterprise server , security and processing capacity which can handle from medium to very large capacity.

“Kunlun server is a changer.

“For now, Huawei has what it takes to deliver enterprise class solution which is very paramount for us.

“The Huawei server has capability to scale into practically partition which depends on your business requirement. It can also do what we call micro partitioning. In other words, within a partition we can still have further partition.

“It is very scalable  and I doubt  if there is any enterprise today that Kunno server can not meet their their expectation base on what is available in the industry today”, Olagunju said.

In addition, he posited that the Huawei Kunno server is Cloud ready.

According to Olagunju, the server is a cloud enterprise itself.

“Whatever your intention is, either to have a private cloud or an hybrid cloud, Huawei Kunno server can also integrate with other other existing infrastructure that may exist in our client environment. It also helps to manage the infrastructure within the environment seamlessly”, he added as one of the advantages of the server.

Olagunju also stated that sunnet has been partnering Huawei for more than four years which was borne out of the need to ensure that we meet the expectation of our client, particularly in the technological field.

“We have since work closely with Huawei to understand the needs of our client, to understand their businesses and to be able to come up with appropriate technology that will ensure that we are able to deliver seamlessly solution to help our customer focus on their business while we take the technology bottleneck out of their neck.

“Huawei has been very strategy to us, they have the right technology, world class technology.

Huawei Kunlun server is carefully built to ensure continuity with a flexible resource scalability. The server support scale up of 32 CPUs, provides up to 768 CPU cores and 32 TB memory per node. It also allows flexible partitioning from a single core to 32 CPUs, maximizing resource utilization.


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