How I slept with my best friend’s wife


Oluyinka Onigbinde

Tope (not real name) has been a closed friend of Johnson for more than 10 years, in fact the friendship was so close that people take them to be twins brother, in fact some believed the biblical passage Proverb 18:24 is a vivid description of their friendship

They were so close that they decided to have their wedding ceremony fixed for the same date; however they didn’t know that was the beginning of the end of their friendship. A week before the wedding ceremony, both of them organized bachelor’s night.

On the fateful bachelors night they were so excited and up to the moon that they drank themselves to stupor. Tope decided to have his last night of debauchery as the tradition demands

According to Johnson, I left Tope in the Hotel room where he was carrying out his last rites as a bachelor. But before leaving, he directed me to deliver his phones to his wife to be, who was already in his house. “Even with over 12 bottles that I took that night, I managed to drive myself home, then headed for Tope’s house where his bride was waiting for him to return.

He said: “knocking on his (Tope) door within a fracture seconds the door was opened only to see my best friend’s bride ( Bolatito)   in a transparent mini skirt, unbuttoned top and before I could say Jack Robinson,  she was all over me hugging and caressing me”.

“Bolatito stop I am here to deliver your hubby phone I need to rush back,” she cuts in

“ I have  been waiting for a day like this since I met you with Tope , I knew instantly the very day I met you, I should be yours but how could I have left Tope for you, knowing fully well that you are friends from above, “cuts in

“Thank God you know, so you shouldn’t be doing this”

Bolatito cuts in “Don’t tell me Tope his not messing up with someone else’s wife at the hotel you are coming from, I know what you guys do on bachelors night, and I need you to give it to me now. After all, your wife is not here, so why not take good advantage of the moment and have a taste of me,” she said.

Johnson said instantly the story of Joseph and Potiphar wife flashed through his mind but could not hold the thought for so long as he met myself lying on the couch with Bolatito.  “We had rounds of sex because she did her best to satisfy herself and I enjoyed the romance until I was tired and begged her to allow me to go back home,”

He lamented that the thought of what Tope his friend will do to him when he finds out, feels his head.  In regret of his action, he said “As I knew that what I just had with Bolatito was an open secret that will obviously see the light of the day”.

Bolatito had the power of seduction that she used whenever she visits me in the office that made me not to turn her offer down anytime she demands I sleep with her.

He continued, “But  after two months of sleeping with her, I decided to cut off the relationship , as I planned relocating to a nearby state just to ensure that Bolatito will not end me in trouble, as I always feel guilty anytime my friend talks about his wife as the most loving and caring wife anybody could ever have”.

Learning that am about to relocate Bolatito warned me not to do so as she threatened to tell Tope and my wife what has been happening between us.

Johnson asked: what should I do to stop Bolatito harassment?

He added:”Bolatito is desperate to turn everything upside down so as to have her way in my life.

He asked:  “ What can I do to put a stop to Bolatito’s harassment?



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