Health status: Should Buhari resign?


Against the backdrop of the call by the Co-convener of the advocacy group, Bring Back Our Girls, Aisha Yesufu asking President Muhammadu Buhari, who is on medical leave in London, to resign immediately, Nigerian NewsDirect speaks with prominent groups and individuals to get their reactions on the call.

Yesufu had called for the President’s resignation in a two-minute video clip posted on her official Twitter handle on Friday.

She said, “When are we going to realise that this Acting President (arrangement) is really not just working out? Things are stagnant in Nigeria. For crying out loud, the President is sick, the President is not capable of discharging his duties as President. Why can’t he resign?


Vox pop Yinka-OdumakinBuhari should not resign- Mr. Yinka Odumakin, the National Publicity Secretary, Afenifere,

No! I don’t believe the President should resign. The constitution is very clear that when the President is not around, he should transfer a letter to the National Assembly and by him transferring the letter, the Vice President takes over and since, he has complied with that directive, asking him to resign will be very preposterous. The position is that the Acting President should be allowed to run the government, while the President is away. And the talk by Lai Mohammed that we don’t know who would sign the budget, Enang saying he would not sign and later saying he would sign, they should stop all that nonsense. He should be allowed to act fully until the President comes back from his medical vacation

Not proper asking Buhari to resign-Barrister Onyekachi Ubani,  Second Vice-President, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)

It’s not proper to ask the President to resign. The constitution did not actually stipulate the number of the days that the presidency could be away before the federal executive council members could take a decision. Though there has been a suggested amendment in the Confab report to that, but it has not been effected, that if the President is away for perhaps three months, the Vice could be sworn in on his behalf as the substantive President.

There is no new doctrine of necessity,  what has happened is that under the current law, the needed thing for President is to transmit power to the vice-president as the Acting President which he has done, and the Acting President has the right to exercise all the powers of the President, unless the President now transmits a letter to the contrary.

I don’t work in the presidency, but the Acting President hasn’t said  a certain cabal is preventing him from carrying out his constitutional responsibilities, until the Acting President speaks out, I will take as mere assumption coming the people who thought otherwise.

No justification for Buhari to resign- Professor Ishaq Akintola, President of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

There is no justification whatsoever for the president to resign. I believe that the Vice President is capable and that no cabal can hinder him from performing. He did wonderfully well the first time

Buhari was abroad. Those calling for Buhari’s resignation are an impatient bunch, disgruntled elements and willing tools in the hands of opportunistic politicians and parasitic individuals in the corridors of power.

DR._AKINTOLA_400x40Better if Pres Buhari resigns on health ground- Barr Kabir Akingbolu

 Legally speaking,the Vice President  is clothed with both legal and political power to do all the things the president can including sacking and changing or redeployment of ministers or any head of parastatals since power has been transmitted to him pursuant to section 145 of the  1999 constitution. However, the claim that  he cannot sack erring public officers is unfounded and not backed by empirical facts save some parochial reasoning based on sentimental or faulty ideological reasonings. From the point of view of strict logic, there is nothing the Vice President has done to brace that supposition. He has not failed in any material way to tackle any problem during the president’s absence.

As a matter of fact, he has done more in terms of economic development and maintaining cohesion among the various agencies of government. Although, it will be better if the president resigns on health ground. We must not forget that  he alone reserves that  right if he knows that  his health cannot take it. In America, the only president who spent 12 years was Roosevelt and he was on wheel chair all through and heaven did not fall.

 That apart, this people should advocate for quick economic recovery plan by government to effect economic change because  in all honesty, the government has achieved nothing in terms of social and economic wellbeing of the people. The government must declare a state of emergency on economic revampment so as to assuage the people and beguile them  from this  call for resignation. This is beacause if things are okay, nobody will ask the president to resign.


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